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  • Urban South Platte River Fishing Report 2/12/15 Winter time on the Front Range is purgatory for me as an angler I spend the majority of my time thinking about throwing dry flies at Deckers but am met with a day of staring at bobbers when I make the long trek down there. The drive for me is seldom worth the reward so I ... Read more
  • Gore Creek Fishing Report 11/15/14 Winter is here and our favorite creek in the valley fishes great all season as the crowds concentrate on world class skiing Flows are winter low and the water temps are falling everyday which has increased the feeding activity in the middle of the day. Look for fish in the riffles still but be aware that ... Read more
  • Eagle River Fishing Report 11/14/14 Our favorite freestone is in transition from an extended Indian Summer to more typical early winter conditions The majority of our resident Brown Trout population has finished spawning and seem to have switched the feed bag on full power. The redds they worked so hard on are still there and very easy to see so give ... Read more
  • Upper and Lower Colorado River Fishing Report 11/3/14 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA11-3-2014 thats right, believe it? November Blue bird weather patterns have dominated this fall and effectively extended our season on the Upper Colorado from Pumphouse- Statebridge way past our usual end dates. Water temps and levels continue to allow for floats and wades over very active fish feasting on BWO’s, Stones, Midges and Eggs. Streamer action ... Read more
  • Scott Tidal Fly Rod Review | Scott Fly Rods | Salt Water Fly Rods Scott “Tidal” series fly rods live up to the bill of “making the hard way a little easier.” Chasing fish in salt water on a fly rod can be a great way to get humbled. Wether its the elusiveness of the species we are chasing our the conditions we choose to pursue them in, we ... Read more
  • Shimizake Dry Shake Liquid | Fly Fishing Product Review Dry Shake Liquid product testShimizake Dry Shake–Product Review Many fly fishers live by their silicone gel and Dry Shake.  Liquid?  It doesn’t occur to them that it can also be an effective way to deliver floatant.  As long as the solvent dries quickly (and a little powder can hurry that process along), it’s a great way to penetrate those natural ... Read more
  • Fishpond Nomad Guide Net / Review and Rugged Test Nomad guide net Why Review a Net? The net is one piece of equipment that is often overlooked by anglers.  Nets can be cumbersome, difficult to manage and even forgotten on the side of the river or on a rented boat.  They can be easily damaged when dropped, stepped on or even sat on.  Often, anglers will have two nets, ... Read more
  • Fly Fishing Wading Boot Review | Korkers Whitehorse Korkers WhitehorseKorkers has evolved dramatically in the past few years.  Their concept of replaceable soles was tempting, but they needed a tool to remove and re-set their soles, and it took significant work to make them seat properly into the boots.  Those days are gone, and the Whitehorse is a feature-laden boot worth reconsidering. At $169, ... Read more
  • Minturn Anglers Annual Holiday Party | Thursday December 18th 5pm til… The Tradition Continues at Minturn Anglers Can you believe Christmas is right around the corner? Come share the holiday spirit with us at our Parker location as we host our annual Holiday Party. This is the time of year where you reflect back on all you’ve accomplished and what it took to get you there. As ... Read more
  • Buy One Get One Free Wade Trips on Minturn Anglers Private Water | Now through June 1st! b2ap3_thumbnail_DSC_0095-800x534Two People for the Price of One on The Eagle River! It’s that time of year again and Minturn Anglers is going to make a Winter fly fisherman out of ya! Back by popular demand, we are again offering our “B.O.G.O.” special on our private lease on the Vail Rod and Gun Club. These fly fishing ... Read more
  • Small Business Saturday Party! – 11/29/2014 Join us next Saturday at our Parker location for a Minturn Anglers style throw down! “Small Business Saturday” is a cherished day for your local fly shop and a great day to support a local business that helps put trout in your creel any month of the year. In typical fashion, Minturn Anglers will have the ... Read more
  • Alcova Reservoir Inlet | Trophy Trout & Walleye Trips alcova-reservoir-inletThis Spring we are pleased to present a very Unique and virtually unexplored fly fishing experience deep in Fremont Canyon where the North Platte river enters Alcova Reservoir. By now many have experienced Fremont Canyon, but few have seen the inlet where Fremont dumps into Alcova Reservoir. That’s because the only way to get there is ... Read more
  • Winter weather is around the corner…. SITKA_GEAR_Waterfowl_6resized There is no shortage of birds in the state. Geese are absolutely everywhere, ducks are here but are spread out and take some scouting to find. Tomorrow ducks will be open everywhere on the Front Range, don’t forget to set the spinners and duck full bodies. There is nothing more exciting than mallards in the ... Read more
  • 11/25/14 Duck and Goose Update IMG_1006[1] After our cold snap a few weeks back a lot of ducks got pushed out of the smaller ponds as they froze over. Ducks have been roosting on large open water and feeding heavily in corn. Afternoon duck flights have been very large and more consistent than the morning flights. Geese have been flying early, ... Read more
  • 11/5/14 Waterfowl Scouting Report SITKA_GEAR_Waterfowl_5 Birds are on the move and actively feeding. The weather is going to continue to get colder forcing the waterfowl to consume more food for fuel and warmth. Over the past few days we have had a small cold snap followed by warm clear days. Lots of Mallards will be spending the night in the field ... Read more
  • Nov. 3rd Waterfowl Update | Front Range likositkaDig out those base layers, no more shorts under the waders, the cold weather is poking its head around the corner. What does cold weather mean besides another layer of clothes? More ducks! Last week we saw an increased numbers of American Wigeon, Gadwall, Wood duck, and Redheads. Over the past week field hunting was most ... Read more