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  • Give me Another Ball, Bob! | Challenge and Growth Fly Fishing in Your Own Backyard amy's ant The point of this short rant & blog is to say, “challenge yourself to  step outside the box of what’s comfortable & what feels safe.” The last time I competed in the GoPro Mountain games, I was coming off a win the year prior & can vividly remember asking one of our senior guides Bob Streb what I should throw ... Read more
  • Fall Fly Fishing Report | Gore Creek Fall Brookies near upper Gore Creek10-6-2014 Fall Fly Fishing Report Overview Gore Creek is still significantly above its usual flows, but it has returned to low-and-clear conditions after a period of rain.  The focus is on BWOs and midges, with an egg or smaller stonefly as a good lead fly. Conditions Gore Creek is usually flowing at about 30 cfs in October.  It usually ... Read more
  • Brush Creek | Late Summer Fly Fishing Report 2014-09-07 Brush Brown with cowboy hat9-8-2014 Brush Creek Report The Town of Eagle’s gem, Brush Creek, is beginning to accept its yearly influx of fall browns from the Eagle River and the rainbows that follow them for the egg feast they expect.  For a small tributary, it can produce surprisingly large trout in the fall. Temps are up as the flow has finally ... Read more
  • Lower Gore Creek | Late Summer Fly Fishing Report Gore Creek flies9-1-2014 Lower Gore Creek The lower Gore Creek is fishing well,  with a focus on midges more than on the big bugs. It looks the day of the hoppers has ended on the lower Gore until our first hard frost of the year.  I was catching real grasshoppers and tossing them into the water the other day, ... Read more
  • Shimizake Dry Shake Liquid | Fly Fishing Product Review Dry Shake Liquid product testShimizake Dry Shake–Product Review Many fly fishers live by their silicone gel and Dry Shake.  Liquid?  It doesn’t occur to them that it can also be an effective way to deliver floatant.  As long as the solvent dries quickly (and a little powder can hurry that process along), it’s a great way to penetrate those natural ... Read more
  • Fishpond Nomad Guide Net / Review and Rugged Test Nomad guide net Why Review a Net? The net is one piece of equipment that is often overlooked by anglers.  Nets can be cumbersome, difficult to manage and even forgotten on the side of the river or on a rented boat.  They can be easily damaged when dropped, stepped on or even sat on.  Often, anglers will have two nets, ... Read more
  • Fly Fishing Wading Boot Review | Korkers Whitehorse Korkers WhitehorseKorkers has evolved dramatically in the past few years.  Their concept of replaceable soles was tempting, but they needed a tool to remove and re-set their soles, and it took significant work to make them seat properly into the boots.  Those days are gone, and the Whitehorse is a feature-laden boot worth reconsidering. At $169, ... Read more
  • Fishpond Yampa Guide Lumbar Pack | Flyfishing Pack Review Versatile, updated lumbar packThe new Fishpond Lumbar Pack made from lightweight material with enough room for all the flies and accessories to keep you on the water all day The Fishpond Yampa Guide Lumbar Pack, made from lightweight recycled material, is the ultimate pack to carry all the gear you need on the water. It is complete with two ... Read more
  • Alcova Reservoir Inlet | Trophy Trout & Walleye Trips alcova-reservoir-inletThis Spring we are pleased to present a very Unique and virtually unexplored fly fishing experience deep in Fremont Canyon where the North Platte river enters Alcova Reservoir. By now many have experienced Fremont Canyon, but few have seen the inlet where Fremont dumps into Alcova Reservoir. That’s because the only way to get there is ... Read more
  • Hank Patterson Christmas Extravaganza Dec. 21st Hank Patterson Christmas Extravaganza Dec. 21stHank Patterson Christmas Extravaganza Dec. 21st in Parker, CO Join us for our annual holiday party in Parker hosted by Hank Patterson We are very proud (and slightly nervous) to announce that we are hosting Hank Patterson at this year’s annual Christmas party in Parker. We will be raffling items from local Colorado fly fishing ... Read more
  • Hank Patterson Christmas Party Recap Great times had by all… Thanks for the support! We are super appreciative for the great turn out and the warm holiday wishes The staff at Minturn Anglers would like to start by thanking everyone who came out for the Hank Patterson Christmas Party at Minturn Anglers in Parker. The event could not have been so much ... Read more
  • Hank Patterson Holiday Extravaganza December 21st @ The Shop! hank-patterson The one and only… frozen yogurt franchisee, male model, high school graduate & fly fisherman of the decade award winner HANK PATTERSON will be this year’s featured guest at our 5th annual Christmas extravaganza December 21st. SNAP IT! Did I forget to mention…Hank owns a River Run’s Through it on Blue Ray?!?!  Ya….I guess you could ... Read more