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  • Loon Outdoors Aquel


    This premium gel floatant is the world’s best fly floatant – Aquel is long lasting, silicon based, masks human odor, won’t leave any slick on even the calmest water, and won’t melt when it’s hot or harden when it’s cold

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  • Loon Outdoors Fly Spritz 2


    The world’s first and only water based spray floatant – Fly Spritz 2 is the fastest way to get a floatant on a dry fly

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  • Loon Outdoors Lochsa


    Lochsa is a premium all-around gel floatant that even works on CDC – it won’t mat dry flies made with CDC and is perfect for treating any type of feathers, hair, hackle, or yarn

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  • Loon Outdoors Top Ride


    Known as “Shake and Bake” by world class guides, this desiccant (drying agent) and powder floatant is fast and easy to use

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  • Loon Outdoors UV Wader Repair


    A quick application of UV Wader Repair fixes the inevitable wader rips, tears or punctures in seconds. It can be used on wet suits, GORE-TEX, spray skirts and similar items as well.

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Every angler puts a lot of thought into what he or she brings to the water. Loon believes it is equally important to think about what is left there.

That is what fishing with a conscience is all about; ascribing value to the health of the water we fish. They develop their products with these values in mind and make sure they are safe for fish, fisheries, and fishermen, without ever compromising quality or performance.

By offering reusable and biodegradable weights and indicators they make sure lost tackle doesn’t harm wildlife. Their floatants, sinkets and cleaners are solvent-free and consist of water-soluble components that perform without polluting the water. And their tying paints, cements and wax are non-toxic and odorless, to keep tying benches free from harmful fumes.

Loon Outdoors will continue to develop products that help anglers protect the water they love while they are doing what they love.

Loon products will always allow anglers to fish with a (clear) conscience.

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