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Once quality standards had been established, once the production technology and equipment had been perfected and put in place in a new factory large enough to support the extrusion process, Kureha introduced Seaguar Fluorocarbon Fishing Line to attendees of the 1972 Osaka Fishing Tackle Exhibition. Anglers were impressed by its invisibility and high-density which allows the line to sink faster, providing less suspicious and more immediate access to the strike zone.

Since then, Seaguar has advanced many steps to arrive at the product we’re so proud to present today. The first puzzle provided by the 1970’s version of Fluorocarbon fishing line was how to improve knot strength for Leader and Tippet applications. Seaguar engineers decided it would be quite difficult to improve on knot strength without changing the structure of the line and they did not want to compromise the benefits that had been achieved thus far. So, once again with Mr. Ohhira at the helm, Seaguar began to think about a revolutionary double structure line…comprised of two different resins but still resulting in a single structure, impossible to separate, made exlusively with 100% Seaguar produced Fluorocarbon resin and Seaguar managed extrusion processes, with all the same qualities of Seaguar’s single structure line and more.

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