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Casting Instruction – Single Hand


$60/hour of instruction

The Minturn Anglers guide staff (both Denver and Vail Valley) are true students, and teachers of fly casting. For us, casting is not just a part of fly fishing, but a separate sport in itself.  The key to improving your cast is to be aware of what and when  you are casting correctly vs. incorrectly.  The only way to do so is to video tape yourself casting, and to watch others cast.  Through modern video technology, we are able to break your cast down frame by frame and eliminate the wasted and “inefficient” movements to make your next day in the wind, or in the salt more enjoyable.  Many ask, “Why do I need to be able to cast 90+ feet in Colorado?”  The answer is you don’t, but the mechanics of a 90 foot cast will make the 30 foot cast into the wind very easy for you. It will also help you understand the bending (loading) and unbending of the rod.  This is very important in become a good roll caster.

Common Types of Casting Lessons Clients Request…

  • Basic Fundamental Fly Casting
  • Shooting line
  • Basic Roll Casting
  • Advanced Roll Casting: anchor points, single hand spey casting, touch & go
  • Double Haul Casting
  • Switch Casts

To schedule a fly casting lesson, call us at 720-851-4665 for more information and availability.

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