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Dream Stream Guided Fly Fishing Trips


Dream Stream Guided Fly Fishing Overview

Fish with Colorado’s Premier Guide Staff on the Dream Stream every Spring & Fall!

If you have fished with one of our fly fishing guides on the Dream Stream, than you know what the difference is between our guides and every other guide on the river.  We  simply have a knack for finding, hooking and landing big fish like no one else.  Our guides are professionals and we will not only help you have one of the most successful days of fishing you have ever had, we will make you a better angler.

Dream Stream Quick Facts

Location: South Platte River
Season: Spring & Fall
Capacity: 1-3 Anglers/Guide
Closest Major Air Hub: Denver International Airport
Target Species: Trophy Rainbows, Browns & Cutthroat,
Documents Required: State ID or Drivers License to purchase a Colorado Fishing License

Book Half Day Wade


1 Anglers Per Guide.


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3 Anglers Per Guide.

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1 Anglers Per Guide.


2 Anglers Per Guide.


3 Anglers Per Guide.


Dream Stream Spring & Fall Fly Fishing Info

The Dream Stream is a meandering section of the South Platte River that runs between Spinney and 11 Mile Reservoir.  In late winter (January-February) we see our first migratory spawning movement of cutthroats.  Soon to follow are trophy Rainbow trout (March) that can frequently push the scale to over 10 pounds.  As Spring gives way to summer, most migratory fish will leave the river system and a healthy resident population of browns, rainbows and cutthroat remains in the river system.  These fish generally range from 14-18″ with larger fish certainly possible.  The Trico hatch is like clockwork from July through mid September and will bring every fish to the surface from about 8-11AM.  After that, fishing slows down drastically.  In late september through the end of November very large brown trout will begin moving into the river.  During each of these migratory runs, anglers have the chance at a fish they will remember for a life time!  See Dream Stream Fishing Reports & Information >>

The South Platte River in Colorado is renowned as a World Class fishery Fly fishermen from nearby Denver and Colorado Springs and from around the world come to test their skills here every year. Parts of the system can be fished year round, as seven dams on the river are bottom released, providing stable water temperatures for optimal fishing opportunities. When you can take your attention away from admiring the scenic beauty of the South Platte and its surroundings, know that you are fishing water holding an abundance of rainbows and browns. Some areas report an average of 4,000 to 7,000 fish per mile.  Denver Front Range Fly Fishing Destinations Overview >>


Minturn Anglers Prides itself in upfront Honesty & No Hidden Fees.  There is no fine print on our website. We do not advertise a low price and then nickel and dime our clients for flies, leaders, tippet and equipment rentals at the end of the day. We include all the flies, leaders, tippet, waders, boots,  rods, reels and lunches on full day  guided fishing trips. If you see a lower advertised price, and additional charges in the fine print for flies, rentals etc. proceed with caution! On a typical full day float trip with two anglers, it would be common to use 24 flies. See the difference below for comparison….

Minturn Anglers All Inclusive Rates

Minturn Anglers Advertised Full Day 2 Person Wade Price: $350
Amount We Charge at the End of the Day: $350

Competitors Hidden Fee Rate…

Competitors Advertised Full Day Price: $295 (does not include flies, leaders, tippet & gear rental)
24 Flies: $60
2 Leaders: $9.90
Gear Rental: $40
Amount Competitor Charges at the end of the Day: $404.90


Trip Details

Wade Fishing Trips With Minturn Anglers

The walk and wade trip provides novice and experienced anglers alike an excellent opportunity to experience Colorado’s breathtaking scenery and wildlife; as well as the opportunity to catch the trout of a lifetime. Whether you are booking a trip with one of our professional fly fishing guides in Vail or Denver, you can rest assured that you are in good hands with Minturn Anglers!

We boast an extremely high return customer rate every season and the familiar faces come back stronger every year. No experience? No problem! As noted above, Minturn Anglers is happy to take out beginner fishermen/women. The Walk and Wade Trip is our most popular trip and is commonly noted as the highlight of our client’s vacations. Our rates are competitive with all shops in the Vail Valley and along the Denver Front Range. Gear (waders, boots, rod, reel, leader tippet and flies) is certainly included in the price of our guided fly fishing trips!

Length of Trips & Descriptions

Half Day Wade Trips: The half day trip is  5-6 hours door to door and is undoubtedly our most popular trip.  This trip allows us to schedule fishing during the best two periods of fish activity either early in the morning or just before dark.

 Full Day Wade Trips: Our full day Wade trip lasts as long as your arm can hold up. We generally start our full day trips in the morning, take a short break for lunch and travel to a different fishing location in the afternoon.

Lodging Details

The Dream Stream’s closest hub city is Fairplay or Woodland Park, CO.   Please give our Denver shop a call at 720-851-4665 so  we can best determine what the best lodging accommodations are that will meet your needs.


How Far in Advance do I Need to Book a Trip with Minturn Anglers?

We are the largest fly fishing outfitter in the State of Colorado and have over fifty guides on staff covering both our Vail & Front Range Fishing locations. As a result, we can often handle same day reservations.  That being said, we certainly encourage advanced reservations .

What do I need to Bring With me? 

We are an all inclusive fly fishing outfitter.  That mean’s that we provide all the fly fishing gear you will need.  If you want to use your own gear you are certainly welcome to do so.  Aside from the fishing gear, you’re welcome to bring a camera but our guides also have them if you forget.

What do I Need to Wear?

The best way to explain this is to imagine what you would wear if you were going on a hike or long walk on a similar weather day.

Do I need a Fishing License, and if so…where can I buy one?

All individuals 16 and over will need a Colorado Fishing License which can be purchased for at our store. Single day out of state CO fishing licenses are $9 for the first day and $5 for each additional day.  If you want to get out the door quicker, feel free to purchase them online and view other fishing license options ahead of time HERE.

What is a Standard Gratuity for a Fishing Guide?

A standard gratuities for a fly fishing guide is 20%

Where do I meet my guide?

We can arrange to for you to meet us at our shop, at fishing locations or we are happy to pick you up at your place of residence.  Whichever you prefer.

Will I catch a Fish?

Catching fish is never guaranteed, but we would say with strong certainty you will have opportunities to catch fish. We consider an “opportunity” as you set the hook, and felt the fish wiggle on the end of the line. How many fish come to hand is in large part determined by how much experience an angler has hooking & landing fish with a fly rod.

Other Questions You Might Have…

Please don’t hesitate to call us at any of our shops with any further questions you might have.


Guided Trip Reservation & Cancellation Policy

Denver: 720-851-4665
Vail Valley: 970-827-9500
Email: [email protected]

Reservations/Booking & Payment Info

To book a trip, use the BOOK NOW button or call us and let us know when you would like to go & any other special trip information you might have. To hold a reservation, we require a credit card number to complete your reservation. The trip is charged 100% at the time of reservation.

Cancellation Policy

Payment in full is due upon trip confirmation. Trips are fully refundable up to 72 hours before your trip. If you cancel within 24-48 hours in advance of your trip you will receive a 50% refund. If you cancel within 24 hours of your trip, no refund will be given.

All trips are guided by Minturn Anglers, and rates reflect most current Minturn Anglers pricing). Minturn Anglers operates under special use permits from the White River National Forest, DOW, and the BLM. Colorado Outfitter #2597. Equal opportunity service provider.

Why Minturn?

We hire full time professional fly fishing guides committed to fly fishing.  We are not a seasonal mass tourism fly fishing operation like you will find in most resort towns.  We know our rivers intimately and are not learning them as we go. We are constantly making adjustments to your flies and rig throughout the day because we know that an extra split shot is the difference between catching a fish or not catching a fish.

Knowledgeable: Our guide staff is made up of authors, commercial fly tiers, and guides who fish and win fly fishing competitions. We are stewards of the sport and enjoy sharing our passion and knowledge for the sport with you.   It’s easy to say, “we have the most knowledgeable and experienced staff” on a website. If you have any doubts we encourage you to ask around.

Innovation: We are innovators of our industry offering trips that no else does and service that is unrivaled. We are often followed or copied, but never outdone by other outfitters.

We Work Harder: The biggest difference is that we are the hardest working guides on the river.  If we pass through a run that we know holds fish, we don’t just keep going.  We back row it and adjust our weight and depths until we start hitting fish.  Once we start hitting fish, we don’t coast.  We fish the river hard from start to finish.

Honesty:  We are more interested in having you back year after year as opposed to making a quick buck off you.   If fishing conditions change drastically following a big rain storm, we will be honest about what you can expect and let you decide whether or not you still wish to fish or reschedule.  We  will always be happy to issue a refund if conditions wont allow for a great day on the river. That being said, we can’t think of a single day EVER where all stretches of water up and down the front range were unfishable.

Friendliness. If our success could be summed up in one word, “friendly” would be that word.  In an industry made up of arrogant fly fishing elitists, we have grown from nothing by consistently following the simple principle of, “Just be nice to people.”

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