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Destination TripsMatt Sprecher and the rest of the gang here at Minturn Anglers have scoured the world to find the very best fly fishing destinations on the planet!

No matter how many new places we go these are still our favorites…the ones we go back to year after year to fish ourselves.  Now we are ready to share our years of experience fishing and making friends in these amazing places with you, by providing the best fishing, lodges, food, and Destination fly fishing trips all over the world.  All these trips are done “Minturn Anglers style”, which means we can do anything from lower budget pure fishing trips to extravagant houses, food, and entertainment options (and of course everything in between).

Whether you are looking to fly fish in an exotic beach paradise or a breathtaking Alaskan river we’ve definitely got you covered.  We steelhead all over the northwest on famous rivers in Alaska, Idaho, and Washington, and of course in Michigan for our Midwest hometown destination trip.  We fish for the saltwater slam (tarpon, permit, bonefish, snook) in Belize and the Florida Keys, as well as fish for rooster, marlin, and much more along the beautiful beaches in Mexico.  We musky and pike fish in high alpine reservoirs in CO and New Mexico, and of course trout fish everywhere in the Western US specializing in Wyoming, Montana, and Alaska.  If we leave the states for trout fishing we chase the legendary browns and rainbows down in Patagonia and New Zealand.

If it’s not obvious by all the destination steelhead trips we do that’s about our favorite fish to catch anywhere.  If you haven’t experienced the tug of a steelhead call us immediately…it’ll change your fly fishing life!  Matt and Alex get to witness it year after year from other people, and the look on everyone’s face after they land their first (and thousandth) steelhead is some of the purest joy I’ve ever seen.

There are many other places we have been and can recommend where to stay, who to fish with, etc.  We LOVE to talk fly fishing here at Minturn Anglers, so give us a call before you head anywhere near water on vacation to find out if you need to bring a fly rod.  And by that of course we mean what weight rod, what type of flies, lines, etc you’ll need as of course you need to bring a fly rod!

As much as we love the fly fishing right here in our beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado, we still end up talking about our last and next “destination” fly fishing adventure all year long.  Come join us on these trips and you’ll quickly know why we can’t shut up about them.

Western New York Brown Trout

The wonderful thing about this trip is that there are many options to choose from. Although massive brown trout are the targeted species, it is very easy to change gears and target Steelhead or even some King Salmon if that’s what you would like to do. We fish 6-8wt single hand nymph rods for the Browns while some of the larger area rivers are perfect for swinging flies with …
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South America Dorado Trips

The Dorado is one of the most fun fish to catch on a fly. They strike fast, fight hard and don’t disappoint. Argentina is one of the best places to experience this once in a lifetime fish. The Dorado Cua lodge, owned and operated by Mario Battistion, a renowned Argentinian fisherman, is the premier Dorado fishing destination. Located in the Argentinian province of Corrientes, the Cua …
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Alaska Steelhead

Alaska is truly the crowned jewel of fly fishing in the US and arguably the entire world. Minturn Anglers guides in the spring and fall up here for some of the most “chromer” steelhead anywhere, and of course the biggest rainbow trout on the planet. The steelhead we fish for are all within 20 miles of the ocean so they are fresh as can be and have seen little to no fishing pressure.
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South America Trout Trips

Until Lago Fonck and Lago Rocca, I had really only fished some high-alpine lakes for trout. A few casts here and there to risers in a handful of others and ripping streamers in some other still waters in the spring. These two new waters changed my world. I was raised a bass fisherman, hitting docks with top water plugs, pulling spinner-baits off the points and drops, so I reverted very positively to this new style of trout fishing.
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Michigan Steelhead

The Big Manistee in the fall can be some of the best “swinging” you’ll ever see with plenty of fresh steelies trying to pull the rod out of your hands! Out of all the places we’ve caught steelhead this is still the only one we’ve seen fish jump more than 10 times during a fight! The Big Man and Pere Marquette are the two most famous Michigan rivers and with good reason. Both rivers have large trout and fiesty migratory fish.
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Washington Steelhead

The Olympic Peninsula in Washington is one of the most breathtaking places on earth, period. Add in huge fresh steelhead that love to eat flies and you’ll have great memories to last a lifetime! Our clients fish with both swung flies, or dead drifting and dead drifting to catch these fresh steelhead out of the nearby ocean. We mostly fish from rafts to allow the best access to some of the most remote sections of rivers in the lower 48.
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Idaho Steelhead

Our destination waters include the Clearwater River in north central Idaho, home to the largest strain of steelhead in the US, and the best winter place in the states to fly fish for steelhead. Matt and Alex spend all of February up here every year, and host/guide trips all month long. We fish mostly on the Middle Fork in our drift boats from Kooskia down to Orofino. We’ve had evenings with 4 fish over 37 inches and average …
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North Platte River

During spring and fall, there simply isn’t a river in the lower 48 that rivals the North Platte. Base camp for fly fishing the North Platte River is Alcova, WY located 30 minutes west of Casper. Within 30 minutes drive are four unique tailwater sections that can provide the best trout fishing you can find in the lower 48 and perhaps North America. It’s why American Angler named this river the #1 Big Fish Destination in the US.

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Turneffe Flats in Belize

Visions of tailing permit, bones racing across the flats, and tarpon getting air like only they can, have called to me since my first visit three years ago
Director of Education and Outreach/ Head Guide Erin Hale will be hosting two fly fishing trips to Turneffe Flats in 2014. September 27-October 4th and November 8th-15th. These destination trips include airport pickup, transfer to lodge by boat, three meals …
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