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Fishing Reports

We’ve got all your fishing reports covered by our multiple fly shop locations; Vail Valley, Denver and Wyoming. With most fishing taking place along the I-70 corridor(western slope), We’ve separated our reports into three sections:Western Slope, Denver Front Range, and Wyoming.

Deckers – South Platte Fishing Report 10/04/2017

Fall has arrived, flows have been holding steady around the 200’s, and the fish are on the feed   We’re still seeing some mid to late morning trico and BWO hatches depending on how cold it gets the night before. Dry fly fishing this time of year is a challenge, but it’s worth it considering the window of opportunity is quickly closing due to the weather. If your fishing a tandem dry fly rig but Read More

South Platte River Fishing Report Deckers – 7/6/17 – Levi Lambert

Eagle River Fly Fishing Cjarity is good

Flows have been creeping down from the 300’s at Deckers and the canyon, currently sitting around 185cfs Despite the lowering flows, fishing has been pretty consistent subsurface with a variety of Stoneflies, Caddis, and Baetis. Think 20 Inchers, Pats Rubber Legs sz 8-12, Nitro Caddis. Soft hackle Caddis, sz 16-18 Barr’s Emerger, Black Thunder, Foamback emerger, sz 18-22. I would be expecting a significant increase in flows anytime now (probably about 30min after I post this fishing Read More

Deckers Fishing Report 3/23/17 – Levi Lambert

Lots of hatch’s to take advantage of on the Decker’s portion of the S. Platte river right now! The Flows were bumped up to around 120cfs the other day and this seems to have improved the already good fishing. Hatch’s of  Midges, Micro stone flies, BWO’s and even a Skwala stone or two have the trout on the feed. The fish are starting to show up in the riffles as well as pools, shelf’s, slack Read More

Deckers Fly Fishing Report – March 6th 2017 – Levi Lambert

South Platte River Fishing Report (Deckers) Warm weather, slightly higher flows, and the arrival of the big midge have made for some great fishing.  The weather has been in the mid 60’s for the last 7 days, making the water temps consistently high enough to see some rising fish mid day and late in the afternoon, provided the wind isn’t howling. The riser’s won’t be easy targets as they are by no means prolific, but Read More

Deckers Fishing Report Feb. 7th – Levi Lambert

Warm weather and consistent flows have made for some good fishing The weather has been in the mid to high 50’s for the last 5 days, making the water temps consistently high enough to see some rising fish mid day and late in the afternoon, provided the wind isn’t gusting. The riser’s won’t be the easiest targets as they are by no means prolific, but anytime you get the chance to throw drys in the Read More

South Platte Fishing Report – Deckers 1/22/17

The S. Platte river around Deckers has been fishing really well, winter flows have been steady at around 60CFS, however the water clarity is slightly off color, making it a little easier to sneak up on fish if you can spot them The weather air temp has regularly been getting into the mid 40’s and higher so the ice/slush has usually dissipated by 10:30-11am. If your the impatient type and want to get on the Read More

South Platte Fishing Report – Deckers 7/18/2016 Levi Lambert

Lot’s of bugs and many ways to fish them –  7/18/2016 The S. Platte river below Deckers is fishing very well with the caddis hatch in full swing along with consistent PMD and Trico hatches. If your fishing in the late afternoon, you may even be seeing some yellow sally’s coming off. We’re finding rising fish predominately in longer runs with dark gravel bottoms, but keep a sharp eye on banks with some overhanging shade Read More

Camp Hale/ Homestake Creek Fishing Report | 6/9/2016

Camp Hale/ Homestake Creek Fishing Report 6/9/2016 With it being peak runoff in the valley, we fled to the high country in search for safer wading conditions and a slower drift. The creek is running higher then normal and is also tinted a bit, to our advantage. Later in the summer, the flows of Homestake Creek are trickling with 100% water visibility, making it tougher to stalk your fish but, right now the conditions are Read More

Typical Carp Flies Continue to Produce in Denver’s Urban South Platte

Denver Urban South Platte carps happy anglers

Carp fishing is going well these days though we prefer the colder weather for carping. With the warmer temps, the fish’s metabolism is jumping and the fish are spreading out. Now is the beginning of sight fishing which is always a treat this far from Summer. Your typical carp flies continue to produce – 20 Inchers, Headstands, Carp Bitters and Flossy Worms.

Getting “Mooned” on the Eagle River – Duane Redford

“I’ve been mooned!” So, there I was, minding my own business, going about my daily guided trips on the Eagle River, and having a blast. The fishing was great, predictable, and steady. Then I was mooned… Not sure how to explain it, but the day after our last full moon, the bottom fell out of the river. There was a futile hatch at best, and not one brown trout was brought to the net. Areas Read More

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