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We’ve got all your fishing reports covered in one fly shop, Minturn Anglers. With most fishing taking place along the I-70 corridor, we’ve separated our reports into two sections: I-70 Corridor and South. Check below to see all the awesome Colorado fly fishing south of I-70.

Deckers Fishing Report 3/23/17 – Levi Lambert

Lots of hatch’s to take advantage of on the Decker’s portion of the S. Platte river right now! The Flows were bumped up to around 120cfs the other day and this seems to have improved the already good fishing. Hatch’s of  Midges, Micro stone flies, BWO’s and even a Skwala stone or two have the trout on the feed. The fish are starting to show up in the riffles as well as pools, shelf’s, slack Read More

Deckers Fly Fishing Report – March 6th 2017 – Levi Lambert

South Platte River Fishing Report (Deckers) Warm weather, slightly higher flows, and the arrival of the big midge have made for some great fishing.  The weather has been in the mid 60’s for the last 7 days, making the water temps consistently high enough to see some rising fish mid day and late in the afternoon, provided the wind isn’t howling. The riser’s won’t be easy targets as they are by no means prolific, but Read More

Deckers Fishing Report Feb. 7th – Levi Lambert

Warm weather and consistent flows have made for some good fishing The weather has been in the mid to high 50’s for the last 5 days, making the water temps consistently high enough to see some rising fish mid day and late in the afternoon, provided the wind isn’t gusting. The riser’s won’t be the easiest targets as they are by no means prolific, but anytime you get the chance to throw drys in the Read More

South Platte Fishing Report – Deckers 1/22/17

The S. Platte river around Deckers has been fishing really well, winter flows have been steady at around 60CFS, however the water clarity is slightly off color, making it a little easier to sneak up on fish if you can spot them The weather air temp has regularly been getting into the mid 40’s and higher so the ice/slush has usually dissipated by 10:30-11am. If your the impatient type and want to get on the Read More

South Platte Fishing Report – Deckers 7/18/2016 Levi Lambert

Lot’s of bugs and many ways to fish them –  7/18/2016 The S. Platte river below Deckers is fishing very well with the caddis hatch in full swing along with consistent PMD and Trico hatches. If your fishing in the late afternoon, you may even be seeing some yellow sally’s coming off. We’re finding rising fish predominately in longer runs with dark gravel bottoms, but keep a sharp eye on banks with some overhanging shade Read More

Typical Carp Flies Continue to Produce in Denver’s Urban South Platte

Denver Urban South Platte carps happy anglers

Carp fishing is going well these days though we prefer the colder weather for carping. With the warmer temps, the fish’s metabolism is jumping and the fish are spreading out. Now is the beginning of sight fishing which is always a treat this far from Summer. Your typical carp flies continue to produce – 20 Inchers, Headstands, Carp Bitters and Flossy Worms.

Mothers Day Caddis in Colorado

Why the Mother’s Day caddis hatch isn’t just about one bug Recently I had been hearing reports like I do every year that the caddis hatch was on at the Arkansas River, so I decided to go check it out for myself. I grabbed some fly rods, a friend, leftover pizza, and some beer and set off towards Canyon City. The famed “Mother’s Day” caddis hatch is an annual spectacle/fishing event that occurs on many Read More

Pure Enjoyment – Fly Fishing with Children

Fly Fishing fishing with children Minturn Anglers

Vacationing and Family Fly Fishing in Colorado I remember when I got started fishing.  Of course, I didn’t start fly fishing from the get-go.  Yes, I did use a Snoopy spin cast my father bought me.  I actually liked it and especially since I even caught some fish.  I almost wish I had a picture of me with my first catch.  AS the years rolled on, I moved from lakes to streams and eventually graduated Read More

Urban South Platte River Fishing Report 2/12/15

Kat with fish from Urban south platte

As an angler, winter time on the Denver Front Range is purgatory for me I spend the majority of my time thinking about throwing dry flies at Deckers but am met with a day of staring at bobbers when I make the long trek down there. The drive for me is seldom worth the reward so I find myself exploring other waters in closer proximity to me. This winter has been dedicated almost exclusively to Read More

South Platte River Fly Fishing Report 5/28/14

South Platte River has been fishing lights out!            High water or low water the South Platte river has been fishing great the last couple of weeks, and it is only going to get better! What has been driving such good fishing? A couple of things to make note of are: water temps are coming up helping drive bug activity. The off colored water mixed with overcast days that have produced Read More

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