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Gore Creek Fishing Report

Fall Brookies near upper Gore Creek Gore Creek is a tiny little gem nestled into Vail and is home of some really intimate fly fishing if you know where to go. Fish Gore Creek year-round with help from your friends at Minturn Anglers. Read below for the latest happenings on Vail’s finest, Gore Creek.

Gore Creek Fishing Report 8/3/15

Try terrestrials even when it’s technical Clarity is excellent on Gore Creek right now with low flows of 61 CFS above red sandstone creek. Things are finally getting technical on Gore Creek as the water has dropped. On bright sunny days you need to put your ninja tactics on to get them. Make your rigs very long and light. Fish are sulking deep on the bottom during the heat of the day and feeding voraciously on Read More

Gore Creek Fly Fishing Report – 7/25/2015

Blue Winged Olives are the way to go on Gore Creek Gore Creek in Vail is fishing well these days with consistent baetis hatches going off from 10 to 2pm each day. Look for fish in the deep runs and riffles during the heat of the day and soft edges in the evening or cloudy or rainy days. Long and light down to 5 or 6X is the best approach when nymphing. On a cloudy day use a Read More

Gore Creek Fishing Report 11/15/14

Winter is here and our favorite creek in the valley fishes great all season as the crowds concentrate on world class skiing Flows are winter low and the water temps are falling everyday which has increased the feeding activity in the middle of the day. Look for fish in the riffles still but be aware that they will be looking to settle in to their typical winter lies so concentrate most of your time on Read More

Fall Fly Fishing Report | Gore Creek

Fall Brookies near upper Gore Creek

10-6-2014 Fall Fly Fishing Report Overview Gore Creek is still significantly above its usual flows, but it has returned to low-and-clear conditions after a period of rain.  The focus is on BWOs and midges, with an egg or smaller stonefly as a good lead fly. Conditions Gore Creek is usually flowing at about 30 cfs in October.  It usually runs at temperatures in and around the high 40s, but with significant swings as the wider Read More

Lower Gore Creek | Late Summer Fly Fishing Report

Gore Creek flies

9-1-2014 Lower Gore Creek The lower Gore Creek is fishing well,  with a focus on midges more than on the big bugs. It looks the day of the hoppers has ended on the lower Gore until our first hard frost of the year.  I was catching real grasshoppers and tossing them into the water the other day, and I didn’t get a single hit, even when they floated directly over the fishes’ noses.  Look for Read More

Gore Creek Fly Fishing Report 8/27/14 Vail, Colorado

  WHERE:  GORE CREEK. Today’s fly fishing is less than predictable on The Gore, or, more precisely, the weather is predictably unpredictable.  It’s the typical late afternoon scenario this time of year:  Mostly cloudy, patches of sun bringing heat with thunderstorms squeezing in where they can.  I generally come prepared to change things up, but today, I put on a dry / dropper rig and stuck with it. TIME, TECHNIQUE, FLIES USED:  The time is about Read More

Gore Creek | Fly Fishing Report

Gore Creek7587-Arkansas River Fishing-Winter Fishing-Pueblo Reservoir-man holding rainbow trout

7/27/14 Gore Creek  in Vail Village From Lionshead to East Vail:  the river is holding at about 100 cfs and consistant, cold temperature. Water clarity has improved and the water level is perfect for pocket water fishing.  The fish are not concentrated on deeper runs, so spotting them beforehand will be a great help. With the clear water, try to avoid using nymphs with a bobber. As soon as the bobber hits the water the Read More

Gore Creek Fishing Report | Post Run-Off

Gore Creek in Vail is Dropping and the Fishing is Getting Great! Gore Creek fishing report:  Awesome Summer fishing on Gore CreekOur favorite little local creek is ready and willing for the summer season. The East Vail reach has fished OK this past week and the Lionshead- The Confluence of the Eagle is fishing very well. Starting to see quite a few pmd’s and Caddis in the air but as you know the lower stretch is Read More

Gore Creek Fishing Report | 7/31/13

Gore Creek Fishing Report | 7/31/13   Mind the water temps on Gore Creek! The water temps are starting to get pretty high on the Gore and we urge people to be sensitive to  this delicate gold medal stretch we are so lucky to have in our backyard. Let’s all help out and find other places to go during the heat of mid summer.

Gore Creek Fishing Report | 08/19/13

Gore Creek Fishing Report | 8/19/13 August flies for Gore Creek Terrestrials are fishing very well on the Gore, even more so than the Eagle. Cover lots of water especially in areas with overhanging brush and cut banks and don’t be afraid to throw gaudy hoppers. Recommended Flies: Chernobyl Ants, Tungsten Ants and Soft Hackle Spectre’s 4/5 stars this week!

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