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Fremont Canyon

Fremont Canyon Section of the North Platte River in Central Wyoming.

Alcova Reservoir Inlet | Trophy Trout & Walleye Trips

This Spring we are pleased to present a very Unique and virtually unexplored fly fishing experience deep in Fremont Canyon where the North Platte river enters Alcova Reservoir. By now many have experienced Fremont Canyon, but few have seen the inlet where Fremont dumps into Alcova Reservoir. That’s because the only way to get there is to put a powerboat on Alcova Reservoir. From there you will experience a breathtaking and scenic ride three miles Read More

North Platte River Trout Fishing | Summer Fly Fishing WY

  What an amazing Spring this was on the North Platte River!  For all who fished the river this Spring, you know Grey Reef, Fremont Canyon and the Miracle Mile are truly special places. No where else in the United States does such a fishery exist.  Many clients who fished with us this Spring have spent a great deal of time in Alaska and all would agree that the North Platte River rivals Alaska. Let’s Read More

North Platte River Spring Fly Fishing | April on the North Platte

miracle-mile-walleye Minturn Anglers

The North Platte River in Central Wyoming is fishing as well as any of us can remember and it continues to get better everyday. You’d be hard pressed to find a river in the lower 48 fishing as well for numbers of fish and size of fish right now. Whether you are floating or wading, it is pretty hard not to have a banner day (even if you have never fished the North Platte River). Read More

North Platte Winter Fly Fishing | Grey Reef, Miracle Mile, Fremont

  Stream Flows: Mile & Reef @ 500 CFS, 75CFS @ Fremont Clarity: Reef- Clear, Mile & Fremont- slight;y off color Hatches: Good midge activity beginning around 10AM at all three Weather: Absolutely Beautiful for January! Recommended Flies: Reef Worms, Pine Squirrel & hot head leaches, #14-18 orange, tan & rusty scuds, #12-16 Reef Worms,  #18-20 Zebra Midges (Black, red) Streamers: Signature Intruder (Olive, Black, & Snowflake), String Leeches (Olive, Black, Brown), Pick Your Pockets Read More

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