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Grey Reef

Grey Reef section of the N. Platte River fishing reports, fly fishing info & stream conditions

North Platte River November Brown Trout

north platte grey reef fall fishing report

If you like big brown trout, we are happy to report that it’s “finally on!”  Lot’s of big browns coming to the net daily on both Grey Reef and the Miracle Mile sections of The North Platte River! The weather has been very mild and the fishing is just ridiculous.  Check out our fishing reports for details on what to have and where to go on the North Platte River.  More useful, would be to Read More

North Platte River Trout Fishing | Summer Fly Fishing WY

  What an amazing Spring this was on the North Platte River!  For all who fished the river this Spring, you know Grey Reef, Fremont Canyon and the Miracle Mile are truly special places. No where else in the United States does such a fishery exist.  Many clients who fished with us this Spring have spent a great deal of time in Alaska and all would agree that the North Platte River rivals Alaska. Let’s Read More

North Platte River Spring Fly Fishing | April on the North Platte

miracle-mile-walleye Minturn Anglers

The North Platte River in Central Wyoming is fishing as well as any of us can remember and it continues to get better everyday. You’d be hard pressed to find a river in the lower 48 fishing as well for numbers of fish and size of fish right now. Whether you are floating or wading, it is pretty hard not to have a banner day (even if you have never fished the North Platte River). Read More

North Platte Winter Fly Fishing | Grey Reef, Miracle Mile, Fremont

  Stream Flows: Mile & Reef @ 500 CFS, 75CFS @ Fremont Clarity: Reef- Clear, Mile & Fremont- slight;y off color Hatches: Good midge activity beginning around 10AM at all three Weather: Absolutely Beautiful for January! Recommended Flies: Reef Worms, Pine Squirrel & hot head leaches, #14-18 orange, tan & rusty scuds, #12-16 Reef Worms,  #18-20 Zebra Midges (Black, red) Streamers: Signature Intruder (Olive, Black, & Snowflake), String Leeches (Olive, Black, Brown), Pick Your Pockets Read More

Grey Reef Dry Fly Fishing | Hoppers & Tricos on the Reef

amy's ant on grey reef Minturn Anglers

We are picking up more and more fish on hoppers everyday, but it still feels like we are a week or two away from full on hopper frenzy.  Amy’s Ant, Chernobyls, and foamulators continue to be the fly of choice for me.   That said, there is a variety of other dry action to be had as well.  The morning trico fishing has been steady on the upper three miles and much of the slackwater Read More

North Platte Grey Reef Fishing Report August

The weather has been fantastic here in Central, WY.  Aside from one rainstorm  last Wednesday evening (8/4/11) that left the river off color for a few days from Government Bridge down, the river has been looking good.  The upper river from Grey Reef to lusby has some weeds but it is by no means unfishable. A lot less weeds from Government Bridge to Casper.   As for the fishing, the hoppers are still a little Read More

Grey Reef Spring Fly Fishing | N. Platte Best Fishing Season

This was my last week on the Reef and we had some exceptional days on the water.  Clients Jim Huggins and good friend Rich from Utah boated fish all day long on May 6th.  I had Glenn Petty and Brandon Womble for two days on the 7th and 8th and we did well despite some extreme Wyoming wind.  Windy days just make it hard to achieve a prolonged drift which I feel is extremely vital Read More

Floating Grey Reef to Lusby | N. Platte River Fly Fishing Info

April 12th: Reef to Lusby Gin and I were back at it again with our crew of four from yesterday and had a fantastic day!  Lot’s of bent rods all around and NO WIND!  Typical flies…eggs, red annelids, and midges in size 18.  Gin also did well on a #18 jujubeatis.  Heavy midge hatch today and a few BWO’s out.  We’re still waiting to see the first big outpouring of BWO’s to really get the Read More

Grey Reef to Gov. Bridge Fly Fishing | N. Platte Spring Fishing

Grey Reef: Fishing on the upper 13 (Reef-Government Bridge) remains very good to bonkers. On the upper three miles we are throwing eggs as a point fly, red annelids as a middle fly and small SJ’s as the third fly.  Once we get to Ledge Creek we are going big and dirty all the way to Casper.  Crane Flies, trusty rusty’s, and red rope worms. Miracle Mile: Tons of big fish have moved out of Read More

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