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Deckers Fly Fishing Report April 14th, 2016 – Levi Lambert

South Platte River Fly Fishing Report (Deckers) 04/14/2016


IMG_4829The South Platte River below Deckers has really come alive. The brown stone flies have been molting in significant numbers and there are some great BWO hatches coming off once the water temperatures starts getting into the mid to high 40’s.  Although there is a stain to the water from the recent heavy snow melt, rising fish can still be found in target-able numbers in the mid to late afternoons provided there aren’t 20-30 mph winds and the water temperatures reach about 45-46 degrees.

IMG_4620Your morning will probably be best spent nymphing a combination of larger attractor flies (stone fly, san juan worm, egg, or leech) followed up with a small midge (zebra midge, miracle midge, rainbow warrior) or baetis nymph (gray RS2, F.O.D., Chocolate Thunder etc..) as a point fly. Try and keep your rig running about half the speed of the water on top and set your hooks on every movement of your indicator, the takes can be very subtle especially in slower water.

Even though the water is stained, don’t discount sight fishing, the “war pigs” are throughout the river and they can still be targeted with a little extra effort, thoroughly examining glides and riffles for big fish sway feeding and try and make a play on em.

IMG_4834Once you start seeing noses in the afternoon, it may be time to employ a dropper rig or use a “Skinny Rig” (developed by Duane Redford author of The Flyfishers Playbook). This method is done by removing all your weight from your nymphing rig, applying float-ant to your attractor fly and fishing your nymph rig on the surface film.
You can also go straight to a tandem dry fly rig, I would recommend a natural BWO pattern in size 12-16 (whatever size you can keep track of, but the smaller the better) and trail it with a BWO Sparkle Dun (size 18-22). If your targeting fish in the slow water be prepared to drift your flies flawlessly over them sometimes upwards of 4-5 times before you switch angles or fly’s as your bugs have a lot of competition in the water. The bottom line is these fish have a lot of feed options on the water to choose from so a little patience with the right bugs will pay off in the end.


See you out there,


Levi Lambert

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