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Deckers is HOT HOT HOT right now

I know you guys probably get tired of hearing this from me and I’m sure there are even some of you that think i’m just exaggerating, but the Platte through Deckers is HOT HOT HOT right now. All these warm days have been doing wonders for the bug activity and that translates to some active fish. There is still no rush to get to the river because mornings are wicked cold and the fish you do find eating will be pretty lethargic until the sun hits the water. 10:30 to 3:30 or so is your best window to be on the water and we have been seeing some daily BWO hatches mid day. Fish aren’t eating off the top but rather in the film so make sure you’ve come prepared with Foam Wing Emergers and Barr’s BWO Emergers in #20s and #22s. Once you see the fish start to look up pinch off all the weight and start working the swing. For attractor patterns drop some midsize Stonefly patterns like a 20 incher or a Prince Nymph in a #14 or #16 and the Red and Pink San Juan has been fooling a few here and there as well. Before and after the BWO hatch find the deep water and stack weight on your line. The river is pretty vacant and the weather aint too bad so get after it!

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