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May 22nd South Platte at Deckers Fly Fishing Report – Levi Lambert

The water below Deckers is clearing up but it’s still running high (around 500cfs) and stained however much clearer than it was a week our two ago and the fishing has certainly picked up as a result of it

IMG_5157Nymph fishing is still going to be the most productive way of hooking fish, think San Juan, pats, leech  or Crane fly pattern for a lead fly, then a combination of beatis nymphs, emergers, and green scuds (size 16-20) have been hooking fish.

We have also been having luck with an assortment of hare’s ear nymphs in sizes 14-18, green/gold/gray. Basically if you can locate fish by sighting or prospecting and get a good drift there’s a pretty good chance these fish will feed.

If you’ve grown tired of nymph fishing and want to break up your day, running a tandem streamer setup through walking speed water, around pockets, and along cut banks can be a great way to pick up some tenacious browns.IMG_5039

Dry fly has been moderate due to the stained water but there are a good amount of rising fish above Deckers and in the lower
sections of the canyon. Tandem dry fly rigs have been hooking fish on the surface. I would recommend a Amy’s ant or other large attractor for the first dry with a sparkle dun/deer hair emerger in sizes 18-22 for the second bug. We’ve had our best results trailing the small dry approximately 12-15 inches off the bend of the first hook. If you loose track of the small dry in the drift I would set on any rise near my attrator bug.

The majority of the fish will come from the sparkle duns or deer hair emergers but every once in a while, you’ll get a opportunistic fish that smacks the attractor fly.


See you out there,


Levi Lambert

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