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The Roaring Fork – Not a boat in sight and the fishing is beautiful

Not a boat in sight and the fishing is beautiful. Midges and BWOs are the menu options but get creative with it. Lead off with bigger flies and it’s a safe bet the ugly bugs in your box will bring some fish to the net… and probably some larger fish at that. Psycho Prince Nymphs in black and 20 Incher stones are some of my money makers and you can get away with a #16 or so. Drop your favorite #20 Midge or Beatis pattern off your big ugly and don’t be afraid to chuck some heavier rigs than you think you need as those fish are going to be holding deep. With a long commute and little pressure, we’d say it’s worth the drive and while you can certainly wade it the best way to get after the feeding fish is from a boat. We’re currently offering full day floats for the price of a 3/4 day so if you don’t know the water well or if you just want us to row you around all day, we’re happy to take ya… and drive ya from Minturn!

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