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Fly Fishing Guide Service

What is the Minturn Anglers Fly Fishing Guide Service?

Fly Fishing guide service - Happy angler showing her prize troutIf you’re looking for an adventure in fly fishing in Colorado, you want the services of an experienced and qualified Minturn Anglers fly fishing guide. Our hardworking fishing guides (from both the Denver and Vail locations) are committed to their craft. They have an intimate knowledge of the waters they fish, no matter what the weather or time of year. Here are more detailed fly fishing guide service information from each fly shop: Denver and Vail Valley.

There are many benefits to hiring a qualified, experienced fly fishing guide to find the best waters and help you make an excellent catch. Whether it is for just one special fishing trip or a regular experience, a reputable fishing guide service can provide the following:

  • Best fishing waters

Even though you might be familiar with the area, your guide will be able to explain the nuances of different stretches of water and the impact of the weather and different times of year. This info will stand you in good stead when you’re out there alone at the edge of the South Platte on a blustery day.

  • Access to prime private waters

A professional guiding service usually has access to fishing waters that are not open to the public. Such spots are chosen carefully to provide you with a very special experience. Often these stretches can only be reached by boat or plane, further ensuring exclusivity. Imagine the adventure of flying into a secluded ranch in northern Colorado.

  • Apparel

Can your wading boots get any better? Absolutely. Your guide might suggest you try the ones he has with improved traction. He’ll know about the balaclava with built in protection from those pesky insects around Colorado Rivers. A good guide isn’t trying to sell you products but he certainly can draw on his experience to help you understand the difference between an expensive fad and a useful piece of equipment.

  • Advice for improving your fishing techniques

From the hunt to the catch, your guide will help you learn how to read the water, locate and study fish, choose the right line and fly, and cast well whether you’re on a mountain stream in Vail or a flat stretch of the Blue River below Dillon Dam.

  • Encouragement for pushing your limits

Guides will support you in trying a new kind of reel or fly, improving your technique or even trying a different location. They might suggest fighting those trout on an urban fishing trip on the South Platte right in Denver. You just have to remember that they know what they are talking about and trust their advice.

  • An absolutely great time

You can relax and let the guide look after all the details of providing the boat, waders, tackle, flies and even your refreshments. He’s there to look out for you.

  • A new fishing buddy

Best of all, you have someone with whom you can share your fishing stories. Listening to his tall tales will inspire you to plan even more adventurous fly fishing with a professional guide.

Take advantages of all the benefits of a fly fishing guide service to increase your knowledge and improve your fly fishing skills.

Whether you are a beginner or have advanced skills, you will enjoy a memorable fishing experience with us.  Both our Denver and Vail shops fishing guide services include:

  • Access to 30 different public and private watersheds, the best trout fishing water in Colorado throughout Vail Valley and the Denver Front Range
  • One-on-one coaching in fishing techniques
  • Expert advice about the best rods, flies and technique for specific fish and water on any given day
  • All gear and supplies except your fishing license and clothing, including rod, reel, wader, boots and flies
  • Walk and wade fishing by the half day or longer in the Blue River, Colorado, River, Eagle River and Gore Creek
  • Float fishing on a larger river such as the Roaring Fork or the North Platte in a fully equipped boat for a half or full day
  • Casting on the Urban South Platte River running through Denver where the recreational fishing environment is being carefully restored

You can start to learn fly fishing with our basic wade trips.  But once you have gotten the thrill and experience of a great trip, you might want to explore variations on the basic services across the state and beyond, including:

  • Overnight float fishing with a day on a remote stretch of river in Colorado high country, ending at a campsite with all the niceties such as a cold beverage and a gourmet dinner, freshly prepared by your personal chef
  • Cast and Taste dinner trip when you spend the day fly fishing, culminating with a world class dinner prepared by a chef and served at a riverside dining table; best served with fishing friends
  • Kids Fly Fishing Camp for youngsters to spend half a day exploring nature and half a day fishing
  • Exclusive fishing by yourself or with a small group flying in to prime private waters in northern central Colorado or even slipping over into Wyoming
  • Horseback ride and fishing combination for a full day or overnight at a private ranch, perfect for a family outing

There is no way you have to be limited by the seasons, especially in Colorado.  There’s plenty of fun to be had by the entire family or a group of friends out on the water ice fishing. This is such an easy sport than even a five-year can handle the equipment. Minturn Anglers guides supply all the equipment, even throwing in food and drink and organizing a few activities to keep everyone busy.

Minturn Anglers provides a first class fly fishing guide service that is all about satisfying the customer. This means you will enjoy an excellent fishing experience that includes actually catching fish with the photos to prove it. Only experienced, knowledgeable fishing guides can guarantee those results!

To get started, review our Denver Guided Trips or Vail Guided Trips ,  book the trip of your choice or Contact Our Denver or Vail Valley fly shops.

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