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Hunting Reports

Front Range and Vail Valley hunting reports.

Winter weather is around the corner….

There is no shortage of birds in the state. Geese are absolutely everywhere, ducks are here but are spread out and take some scouting to find. Tomorrow ducks will be open everywhere on the Front Range, don’t forget to set the spinners and duck full bodies. There is nothing more exciting than mallards in the field. With the upcoming cold weather and precip be ready for some exciting hunts, birds will be confused and flying Read More

11/25/14 Duck and Goose Update

15783-Duck and Goose Update-group hunting goose-Klay Reiter

After our cold snap a few weeks back a lot of ducks got pushed out of the smaller ponds as they froze over. Ducks have been roosting on large open water and feeding heavily in corn. Afternoon duck flights have been very large and more consistent than the morning flights. Geese have been flying early, some as early as sunrise. Goose numbers are high in most areas, and we should continue to see duck and Read More

11/5/14 Waterfowl Scouting Report

Birds are on the move and actively feeding. The weather is going to continue to get colder forcing the waterfowl to consume more food for fuel and warmth. Over the past few days we have had a small cold snap followed by warm clear days. Lots of Mallards will be spending the night in the field eating under the light of the full moon. When situations like this present themselves its a good bet to hunt Read More

Nov. 3rd Waterfowl Update | Front Range

15533-Nov.3rd Waterfowl Update-Man hunting ducks with his dog

Dig out those base layers, no more shorts under the waders, the cold weather is poking its head around the corner. What does cold weather mean besides another layer of clothes? More ducks! Last week we saw an increased numbers of American Wigeon, Gadwall, Wood duck, and Redheads. Over the past week field hunting was most productive on the warm cloudless days till around 9:30 am for mallards. Mixed bags were harvested over water and Read More

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