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Learn Fly Fishing with a Guide


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You can read about fly fishing and you can even take classes but the best way to learn how to fly fish in Colorado is one-on-one with a qualified, experienced fly fishing guide. Nothing beats individual lessons and coaching from someone who really understands the tackle, flies, techniques and the water. You will learn more in a day with a pro than weeks of watching YouTube videos and listening to your buddies’ fish stories.

Minturn Anglers fly fishing guide services in Denver and Vail Valley offer both group and private lessons. Although you will benefit greatly from individual lessons, you might consider a combination, perhaps group time in the classroom and then one-on-one coaching on the waters of Vail Valley or the Denver Front Range.

Classroom Information

Whether you are in a group or by yourself, there are a number of topics that can be discussed before going near the water, including:

  • Basics of fish identification; e.g. appearance, habitat, food
  • Aquatic entomology
  • Gear selection; e.g. rods, reels, line, waders, nets
  • Fly selection
  • Essential knots
  • Reading the water
  • Guidelines for casting and presentation
  • Water safety

In the Water

After a few hours filling your head with information, it is time to practise what you learned. Whether you are walking the river in waders or floating in a boat, you will only benefit from the guide’s expertise if you listen carefully and do what he says. Even if you have some fishing experience, this is your opportunity to rid yourself of bad habits and sharpen your skills.

You can count on your guide to take you to the best fishing spot for that day, whether it is a mountain stream of Vail or a stretch of the South Platte near Denver. It is all excellent Colorado fishing. After all, even if you are playing student for the day, you still want a catch.

Your professional guide will watch and assess your strengths and weaknesses for fly fishing. He will coach you through reading the water so you can practise recognizing the meaning of surface currents,  riffles and even swirling dirt patterns. Then, of course, there is your actual skill at casting. The guide will make sure you:

  • Keep your rod low and line straight
  • Pause and then let the line roll out
  • Do not reach too far back with the rod
  • Do not ‘throw’ the line
  • Do not knot the line

You will be talked through casting, then reeling, playing the fish and landing it. Yes, you will be doing so well that you will surely bring in a lovely trout. If you are fishing in a catch and release area, your guide will coach you through a safe release…..after he takes your photo, of course. Even if there is no catch, all that personal attention from your fly fishing guide has prepared you for another day on the magnificent waters of Colorado so next time you can book any any one of our Denver or Vail fly fishing trips.

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