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Destination Photos and Videos

Our guide service takes us to unique fly fishing destination in the US, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean and South America. Here we share our photos and videos with our clients and visitors.

String Leech Fly Tying Tutorial | Levi Lambert

Dubbing Loop Leech Tutorial Yea, you heard me, a leech and I know what your thinking, with all the wonderful variations of stone flies, worms, eggs, and attractor patterns, why in the world would you waste space in your nymph rig with a dull looking leech? It’s simple, I’m lazy, and this particular leech pattern is quick and easy to tie, plus the addition of the “hot spot” gives it the look of an egg Read More

Getting “Mooned” on the Eagle River – Duane Redford

“I’ve been mooned!” So, there I was, minding my own business, going about my daily guided trips on the Eagle River, and having a blast. The fishing was great, predictable, and steady. Then I was mooned… Not sure how to explain it, but the day after our last full moon, the bottom fell out of the river. There was a futile hatch at best, and not one brown trout was brought to the net. Areas Read More

Saltwater Fly Fishing | An Introduction by Nick Denbow

Saltwater fly fishing

Here in the Land of Trout, Dreaming of Saltwater Fly Fishing 8-1-2014 Trout season in full flow, lots of fish caught, many tales of the one that got away, however my mind regularly thinks of home and of all the fish relaxing tails up in the knowledge that I am 3,000 miles away. As with many fly fishing guides, my life follows the seasons. 12 years ago I made the decision to make my base where Read More

Cast and Taste with Minturn Anglers | Guided Fly Fishing Makes me Hungry!

Short Story bout The Cast, and touch of  The Taste. The Cast. The car door slams shut, “Everybody in?” , last check before we head out. “Yup!” And we’re off and runnin’. As always I can feel the slight tension of the unknown that awaits in the clients. “Where ya from? How long are you in town?” A quick background check on me and some smartass humor and a sense of ease sets in. Somehow, Read More

Fly-In Fishing Trips | Vail to Wyoming

Day Trips from Vail to WY?  Believe it!  Meet us at the fly shop in the morning, fly out with us to your destination, catch large fish that never see flies and be back in time for dinner! Fly-In Fishing Trip Details… Grey Reef, Miracle Mile, perhaps the Bighorn?  Perhaps you’d prefer a  20,000 acre private water fly fishing paradise?  These famed rivers and unbelievable fly fishing options are now within striking distance of Vail! Read More

Day of Pigs

A guided trip on the Miracle Mile section of the North Platte where the big fish just kept coming.

Pathfinder Dam Spilling

While fly fishing Grey Reef and the Miracle Mile this June (2011) we had to stop and see Pathfinder. It was pretty spectacular to see water spilling over the dam of Pathfinder Reservoir into freemont Canyon. If you get a chance to visit the North Platte for some Central Wyoming fly fishing this summer, make sure to put this on your list of things to see!

Pike on the Fly

Barry Reynolds on Fly Fishing For Pike Barry Reynolds talks about pursuing trophy pike on the fly. Barry hooks and lands a 50″ pike on a top water fly in this look back at some incredible top water action on the Innoko River in Southwest Alaska! Barry is the Godfather of alternative species on the fly in the front range.  Keep an eye on our upcoming events for the next time Barry is at the Read More

Rooster Fish on the Fly

Running Down the Man A great video presented by our Scott Fly Rod Rep. Frank Smethurst. This video depicts the spirit of the Scott Fly Rod Nation! It’s been said that you can’t catch a roosterfish on a fly and furthermore that you can’t catch a roosterfish on a fly from the beach. Frank Smethurst and Brad Ellis (and their ten-weights) stalk roosterfish along the beaches of Baja, Mexico in wind-sprint-driven effort to prove this Read More

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