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Destination Trip Reviews

The staff at Minturn Anglers loves to fish. Surprised? As much as we love fishing together, we are always going out with friends or family to hit unique fly fishing destinations both locally and travel. This is where you will find Minturn Anglers staff destination trip reviews; Where we went, what we fished for, how we did and recommendations to do it yourself. Enjoy!

Go Fish Denver

“Go fish Denver” is a rallying cry for both visitors and residents in Denver, Colorado. Googling these words links you to one of the most popular Japanese fish restaurants in Denver where you can order exotic dishes from sushi and sashimi, to spicy tuna, salmon tartar, firecracker rolls and miso soup. This is only one of more than 125 fish restaurants and takeout locations in Denver, attesting to the growing popularity of fish in the Read More

Fly Fishing the Frying Pan River

Colorado’s Frying Pan River is listed as one of the 18 Best Trout Streams in the Western States, and it is time I got it off my fly fishing bucket list of fishing spots. Legend has it that the river is named after a frying pan that was placed in a tree to mark the location of the death of a pioneering comrade. Staff at the Minturn Anglers fly shop in Vail tell me that I Read More

Fantastic Fly Fishing on Colorado’s Eagle River

Headwaters of the Eagle River rise in Eagle County near the continental divide in the southwestern part of the state then the water travels some 60 miles before it joins with the Colorado River at Dotsero. The appealing aspect of this river is that it has no dams throughout its entire length, making it one of only two free flowing rivers in Colorado. Native Americans named this river the Eagle River, saying that it had Read More

Bridesmaids Choose a Fly Fishing Pre-Wedding Party

Throwing a party to honor the bride-to-be is a tradition that goes back centuries. It is always a challenge to decide on a theme and venue that will be memorable and original. There are the usual spa days, shopping trips or even a weekend in Las Vegas, but a group of friends in Colorado came up with an idea for something much more fun for them. They arranged a fly fishing trip for themselves and Read More

When the Fishing Itch is Too Strong and the Winter Weather is Too Cold

Sometimes it feels like the winter months are interminably long and cold. I’ve gone through all the latest fly fishing magazines, and watching fishing videos on the internet is simply whetting my appetite to be casting on open water again. I think it’s time for me to have a serious talk with the staff at Minturn Anglers in Denver. I’ve been very satisfied with the professional services provided by their fly fishing guides on local Read More

Treat Your Family to a Mile-High Fly Fishing Vacation

Colorado is a spectacular state to visit, unlike anywhere else. When you choose Colorado as a fly fishing destination, you will be treating your family to views of majestic mountains, sparkling streams and rivers, prairie grasslands and desert vistas. This is the highest state in the nation, and contains 58 mountains higher than 14,000 feet. In fact, the 13th step of the state capital building in Denver is one mile above sea level. Living at Read More

Revisiting the South Platte River in Hartsel, Colorado

One of my favorite Denver fly fishing destinations is the South Platte River, right at Harstel where Highways 9 and 24 intersect. Just a short drive from Denver and Colorado Springs, Hartsel offers over 25 miles of public access for fly fishing in an area designated as Gold Medal Trout Stream water. The area is surrounded by peaceful meadows with Pikes Peak Ranges providing a breathtaking backdrop. I have done a few trips to this Read More

Going After My First Koke on the Dream Stream

It’s only a two hour drive for me to reach the Dream Stream from Denver, so it’s often me go-to stretch of fly fishing water. This Gold Medal section of the South Platte River never fails to provide me with a relaxing yet exciting morning chasing trophy rainbow and browns. But I have not yet had a chance to try my luck fighting a kokanee salmon on the Dream Stream. To make it happen, I Read More

Colder Seasons Fly Fishing on the Dream Stream

Fishing the Dream Stream is a year round pastime, and continues to provide special and unique fly fishing experiences as the colder months arrive. For many, fly fishing in the colder season provides some of the most satisfying fishing of the year. In the fall, there are huge migrations of browns, rainbows and cutthroats entering the Dream Stream to spawn and lay eggs. Nymph and streamer fishing are favorites for hooking these monstrous lake run Read More

Revisiting Fly Fishing at Deckers on the South Platte near Denver Colorado

Over the years I have fly fished many sections of the South Platte River. This river that flows right through metro Denver is well known for its easy access and abundant trout. Some estimates suggest a population of between 4,000 to 7,000 fish per mile. The beauty of the river is a bonus, with huge boulders lying in parts of the stream and canyon walls that been formed into unusual and almost mystic dome shapes. Read More

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