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Flies, Tying & Material

Sure we can rattle off fly patterns for Colorado until our faces turn blue, but in order to truly understand why a fish eats your fly, it helps to know more about each fly itself. Flies work for different reasons in different seasons not to mention different points in the day. Let us help clarify patterns we use, where and why. Think “fly report” with a small emphasis on where to fish it and why.

Winter Fly Selections for the Vail Valley

Winter Fly Selection for the Vail Valley Post and Pictures by Bob Streb   I feel less like a pack mule in the winter. I simply carry a lot less extras, sometimes even leaving the sling pack behind after jamming my “winter box” of flies in a jacket pocket. The need to carry every pattern in the catalog plus several medium sized rabbit’s worth of streamers just is not necessary this time of year. Why? Read More

Tips for Choosing the Right Fly Fishing Line

I remember when I was choosing my first fly fishing equipment, and the advice I was given by the knowledgeable staff at Minturn Anglers in Denver. Particularly I remember the recommendations about how to choose the right fly fishing line. Rod manufacturers design their rods to be used by the average person under average conditions, and typically stamp a code on it indicating a suggested weight of line to be used with the rod. However, Read More

Sight Fishing on the Dream Stream

Less than a two hour drive west of Denver lays a five mile stretch of the South Platte River that has earned a reputation as the Dream Stream. If you’ve ever fantasized about fly fishing for monster trophy trout, this is the river for you. It is about 30 feet wide, relatively slow running, clear and full of nutrients and food that grow fish to gigantic proportions. Some of the biggest fish in the Dream Stream Read More

Spectacular Fly Fishing on Colorado’s Blue River

The name of the river itself draws you to it, but when you learn about the Gold Medal fly fishing opportunities it provides, you know the Blue River in Colorado is to place to be. This river is one of the most beautiful in the state. It begins in the Hoosier Pass and flow some 65 miles through Breckenridge and Silverthorne to join up with the Colorado River. On its run, it fills two reservoirs Read More

Match Your Flies to the Colorado Fly Fishing Season

Be sure you have the right flies for your fly fishing trip. Choosing ones that best match the current hatches occurring in your fishing spot can make all the difference in the success of your next fly fishing Colorado trip. Early in the season as weather and waters warm, many streams will see significant hatches of blue winged olives. Using a high visibility parachute fly will increase your odds of tempting rising trout. The Parachute Read More

Dirty Little Bugs for Colorado Run Off

Fishing through the dog days of run off on Colorado rivers  The water in our parts of the central mountains has finally begun to rise but thats no reason to put the rods away. From a guide/tyers perspective I really enjoy some stain in my rivers and the bigger hook is an added bonus in strong currents. Big, bright, buggy, leggy, you name it and you can twist it into a bug for mud season Read More

Shimizake Dry Shake Liquid | Fly Fishing Product Review

Dry Shake Liquid product test

Shimizake Dry Shake–Product Review Many fly fishers live by their silicone gel and Dry Shake.  Liquid?  It doesn’t occur to them that it can also be an effective way to deliver floatant.  As long as the solvent dries quickly (and a little powder can hurry that process along), it’s a great way to penetrate those natural fibers with water repellent. Testing Dry Shake Liquid vs. Loon Aquel     We took two size 14 stimulators Read More

Fly Selection and Tying |Tips for Imitating Natural Bugs with Impressionistic Flies

fly selection imitating natural bugs

Fly Selection on the River   I was Fishing the Piney River last week with a fun family of clients.  We did well on small dry flies, but I wasn’t convinced that the fish really wanted what we were feeding them.  I looked up and saw something that looked like a small hummingbird.  Suddenly, the mom jumped up.  An inch-long bug had flown clumsily into her face.  The initial shock quickly turned to “cool!” when Read More

Mid Winter Midge Mania

Tying and Fishing Winter’s Most abundant food source Experiment with different materials to create small patterns that stand out Myth #1: Small flies=Small fish……..NOT The main food source on freestones like the Eagle River during the winter months are Midges. Sure they would rather eat Drakes and Stones, stay nice and fat and not worry about calories but most of whats available is tiny. When the midges are in the drift there can be large Read More

Tips for Tying the Stonefly Variant

Fishing on the Eagle River, CO is absolutely incredible right now. The fish are HUNGRY and the weather is getting better by the day. Longer days and increasing water temperatures have gotten the bugs up and moving on the Eagle River. The fish are hungry and eating like crazy! But with so many different bugs moving around getting ready to hatch you may find yourself staring at your fly box wondering which fly will match Read More

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