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Blogs & Links

Between our guide staff, other fishermen and friends of the shop, we’ve got a few blogs we recommend to help eat up that work day. Check through these fly fishing blogs for thoughts and essays, funny fly fishing articles, and anything else that involves fishing (or doesn’t).

Amanda Hertzfeld | Professional Artist and Fly Fishing Guide

Amanda Hertzfeld’s Art and Fly Fishing Website http://www.mandykhertzfeldart.com/ Inspired by fly fishing, my artwork is a direct reflection of my passions. Creating paintings that capture the relationships between fish, flies, and the natural environment is both challenging and fulfilling. Just like painting, each day on the river is a blank slate; a white canvas waiting for an interpretation and someone to figure it out, pay attention to its details, and give it meaning. My artwork Read More

Trout Nut – A Resource for Fly Fishing Enthusiasts

There are quite a few sites out there that provide good information on fly fishing but we found Troutnut.com as a very comprehensive source for many anglers and all aspects of fly fishing.   The website is a graphic monument to trout, fly fishing, scenic rivers, the fascinating flies we all try to imitate, and how to match the hatch for every common species in North America. It is run by “Troutnut” Jason Neuswanger with help from many others. Read More

Fly Fish Colorado in winter – The Early Bird Gets more than the worm

Minturn Anglers fly fish in colorado winter waters

Every year in March a guy walks into the shop to buy hooks or fly tying materials and I ask him the standard shop question. “Have you been out lately?” He looks up from his bundle of materials clenched in his hand. “Oh no,” he replies. “I don’t do my fishing until summertime. My wife has a long list of duties for me to catch up on and fishing isn’t one of em. I’ll be Read More

Why I Despise Fly Fishing…

Okay, allow me to explain the title for this bit.  The basis for my title comes from something an old friend told me a long time ago when I was quite young.  We had been talking about relationships, and he said to me, “Tom, love and hate are the same thing. They come from the same place,  Passion.”  This has stuck with me for the last 30 years, and I find it applicable to various Read More

“Filthy” Flies | Third Bug Selection

8-13-2014 Bug Selection May is for love. August is for scuffling and fighting your way through the maze of thunderstorms, warm water, waning bugs and high skies.  For a guide, the dog days of August are just about putting your head down and keeping moving.  Fishing can be frustratingly tough and amazingly beautiful at the same time. Just the other day I had a couple from Florida.  Morning started out at about 42 degrees and Read More

Minturn Guides’ Blogs

Guide Blogs

Who better to gather information from then the people who are on the water in and around Vail every day. Whether it’s Gore Creek, the Colorado River, The Blue or the Eagle River, our guides are putting clients on fish 4 to 10 hours a day… then they go fishing. These guys have logged enough hours to row around the world and back but have maintained true to their Colorado fishing roots. Why? Because it’s Read More

Vail Valley Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing the Vail Valley & Colorado River Drainage Minturn Anglers is located directly between the towns of Vail and Beaver Creek, CO.  Over the years, they have worked together to form a pool of full-time guides from Denver and Vail that cannot be rivaled. With our combined staffs, you can rest assured that you will spend a day on the water with a seasoned Colorado fishing guide. Fly fishing in the Vail Valley is Read More

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