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Education, Instructions, Training, Fly Fishing Schools

Minturn Anglers several courses related to fly fishing. They cover all aspects of fly fishing from a beginner to a professional that wants to become a wade guide or manage float trips. See our classes for the latest details for details and prices (and our free clinics).

Strippers and Spoolers Part 1 – Duane Redford

Strippers and Spoolers – Part One Of every fish that eats your offering, you probably recognize 60 percent of the takes. Of that 60 percent, you probably hook slightly less than 50 percent on the set.  Of that 50 percent the average fly angler lands, or brings to net, maybe 40 percent.  Face it folks, we’re leaving a lot of fish for the next angler! As a guide, I try to get my clients into Read More

Tyin’ the Knot with Levi Lambert

One of the longest running mistakes I’ve made in fly fishing is waiting as long as I did to become proficient in the half dozen or so knots that we use on a daily basis when fishing! Over the years of observing my own fishing process and the process of others I have noticed a marked improvement in the way people fish once there not apprehensive about tying knots. Let me just say, I have Read More

My Minturn Anglers Denver Fishing Guide Talks about Line

I always learn something new when I spend time with a Denver fishing guide from Minturn Anglers. I was in my favorite fishing fly shop in Denver, Minturn Anglers in Parker, checking out their selection of fishing line, when Scott happened to wander by. Scott and I have spent many pleasurable hours exploring Colorado Front Range waters, and I always learn from him. This brief encounter was no different, as I finally picked up the Read More

Catch and Release 101, Part 3 of 3

Many fly fishermen and women working familiar waters insist that they have caught the same fish more than once. And the experience was just as exciting the second or third time around as it was the first time. That is why anglers around the world promote catch and release practices! I hope you have been able to read my previous two posts on this subject, where I introduced tips about catch and release I learned Read More

Catch and Release 101, Part 2 of 3

The practice of catch and release is the most practical way a fly fisherman or woman can benefit fisheries long term. After doing some further research and by talking to the friendly staff and guides at Minturn Anglers, I learned a number of tips that will give fish I release the best chance for survival. I plan to use these approaches all the time, and share them with others. Decide Where You Will Fish Fishing Read More

Catch and Release 101, Part 1 of 3

Daydreaming as I wait for my wife to finish her shopping or wait for traffic to start moving again, I often find myself reliving some of my more memorable fly fishing experiences. Many of these memories are of trophy fish I have had the privilege of holding briefly before I say “thank you” and release them back into their home waters. Almost all of my fly fishing is catch and release. Hmm. Catch and release, Read More

Minturn Anglers Fly Fishing Guide School Teaches People Skills

Competence in the technical aspects of fly fishing is only part of the equation to becoming a successful fly fishing guide. The Minturn Anglers Guide School teaches those skills, but also spends considerable time in its 7 day course dealing with the people aspects of being a professional fly fishing guide. This is reflected in the personalities and behavior of guides who work for Minturn. Andrew, for example, has a passion for working with kids. Read More

Fly Fishing in the Wind

Next time you’re at the Minturn Anglers fly shop in Minturn, be sure to ask one of the staff to spend a few minutes to show you the best fly casting approaches for dealing with windy conditions on the water. Practice your casts on the Eagle River that runs right behind the shop when one of the staff has time to coach you with expert advice. Dealing with the wind is one of the more Read More

Attend Minturn Anglers Guide School to Become a Successful Fly Fishing Guide

I am a fly fishing enthusiast, and have spent hours browsing the Minturn Anglers fly shop in Denver and talking to staff and fly fishing guides who happen to be around. As well, my buddies and I have been out fishing with Minturn guides a number of times, and I am always somewhat envious of what appears to be the ideal job   ̶- getting paid for what I love to do best! I have been nudged Read More

Fly Fishing Wading Smarts

I was checking out the Simms waders in the Denver Minturn Anglers fly shop, and got into a discussion with one of the staff about wader safety and the importance of wearing a quick release wading belt. Even though fly fishing is not considered a particularly high risk activity, there are still instances of accidental deaths. Often the danger is related to improper wading. Every angler needs a good reminder now and then that waders Read More

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