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You wouldn’t play a contact sport without a cup, you wouldn’t go skiing in sweatpants and a cotton shirt, so why would you spend so much money on fly fishing gear and skimp on clothing? Technical fly fishing clothing is just as important as your fly rod when you are out fishing in the elements. Check out the latest fly fishing clothing reviews from Minturn Anglers to see what you need to keep you on the water longer while staying comfortable and safe.

Scott Fly Rod Colorado Flag Hat | Last Remaining Inventory!

Is your Scott Colorado Flag hat as dirty as all of ours & attracting the wrong kind of flies on the river? We thought so. While we can’t argue with a well worn fishing hat, your significant others would be happy to know we were able to get our hands on the last remaining Colorado Flag Hats from Scott.   Why Scott did away with this hat we will never know. Nonetheless, we have a Read More

Simms Ebbtide Flip Flops | Fly Fishing Footwear Review

According to statisticians, one out of every five mountain-town locals (Boulder, Bozeman, Telluride, Whistler, et cetera) no matter what the forecast throws, fails to function in anything other than flip-flops. Since no 12-step program is currently available for the afflicted, Simms adds another pair of wicked “four-season” Flips to the mix. Enablers? Perhaps. Aficionados? More like it. I suppose flip-flops are just flip-flops and there are plenty of comfortable ones out there, and Simms new Read More

Simms Superlight Zip Off Pants | Warm Weather Fly Fishing Clothing Review

Simms Superlight Zip Off Pants are a great compliment to the Simms warm weather fishing shirts. Lightweight, technical performance in a convenient zip-off design. We love the Zip-Off pants for the versatility.  If it’s a shorts kind of day, simply zip off the legs from the knee down.  In those transitional seasons (late spring, Fall) these pants are the happy median between to hot for fleece but to cold for full on shorts.  It’s the Read More

Simms Stone Cold Shirt | Warm Weather Fly Fishing Shirt Review

Simms’ Stone Cold Shirt is refrigerator-engineered to keep you comfortable when the fishing gets steamy. Cool ControlTM fabric technology is arctic to the touch and absorbs and dissipates heat better than traditional fabrics. This, combined with COR3 technology, gives you sun relief in a UPF-rated shirt that effectively puts heat on hiatus. Features Cool Control™ fabric technology provides a cooler, more comfortable garment Ideal for warm fishing environments Fabric absorbs and dissipates heat 2 Fly Read More

Simms Cold Weather Pant Product Review

The ultimate cold weather pant for the days ahead of winter fishing! The Simms Cold Weather Pant offers a one piece layering system that you can put on at home and be ready for whatever winter temps you encounter on the river. These pants have a generous fleece lining and an adjustable hook and loop cuff which makes them easy to get into your waders without them bunching up. Simms Cold Weather Pants are guaranteed Read More

Fly Fishing Clothing in Review

Trends, Style or Functionality? When did fishing become a fashion contest? The last time I checked the fish didn’t care what I was wearing! The real questions is, “Were you fishing when it was too cold, windy, hot, snowy, rainy, or the water was too high?” There are no doubt some serious prima donnas in fly fishing that I often think are more serious about making a fashion statement than actually bending a rod. In reality, Read More

Simms G3 Guide Jacket Review

Simms G3 Guide Jacket Product Review A few weeks ago I had a chance to meet a good friend in Michigan to chase the King Salmon spawn run in a few of the Lake Michigan tributaries.  We were fortunate to be on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, but we weren’t so fortunate with the weather. A few days prior to the trip, I saw a forecast calling for 30% chance of rain, so I thought Read More

Buff Headwear Fly Fishing Product Reviews

Buff Headwear: What is a Buff? Buff Headwear has become an essential piece of fly fishing outerwear for anglers in Colorado and all across the globe. Skin Cancer is no joke, especially for those who fly fish in Colorado where the sun is extremely intense. For those of us that would rather fish than remember to reapply sunscreen  all day….Buff is the answer for all day neck and face protection against the UV elements we Read More

Simms BugBlocker Shirt Review

I’ll be honest, when I first heard about a shirt that was supposedly made with some magic insect repellent fabric, I was very skeptical.  After wearing this shirt for a good chunk of the last 2 weeks on the water, I can tell you one thing..IT WORKS! Simms uses a technology in this shirt called the No Fly Zone.  Rated for up to 70 washes, it’s supposed to repel all of the pesky insects that Read More

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