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Fly Fishing Accessories Reviews

Let Minturn Anglers help you take the load off with our thoughtful fly fishing accessory reviews. Instead of bringing the kitchen sink with you, let us narrow down the best gear for you. Spend more time fly fishing and less time searching your vests and packs for tools and trinkets! See the latest fly fishing gear as it hits the shop floor and hear the reports straight from Minturn Anglers’ guide staff.

Fishing with a Photarium

Just when you think you’ve seen everything, along comes a new gadget One of my last blog posts dealt with the entrepreneurial spirit and gadgets. I am always eager to mess with new stuff, and this gadget really got my attention.  It’s pretty cool. I was preparing for a trip one day, milling bout the shop awaiting clients, when I look up to see Mark Sassi carrying this clear plastic contraption around.  I quickly asked Read More

Fishpond Nomad Guide Net / Review and Rugged Test

Nomad guide net

Why Review a Net? The net is one piece of equipment that is often overlooked by anglers.  Nets can be cumbersome, difficult to manage and even forgotten on the side of the river or on a rented boat.  They can be easily damaged when dropped, stepped on or even sat on.  Often, anglers will have two nets, one for wading and one for the boat.  Fishpond has created a great net for all users that can Read More

Trout Hunter Tippet Review | Strongest Tippet for Fly Fishing

Trout Hunter 5.5x half sizes

Trout Hunter tippet, based in Montana, is one of the strongest tippets in both fluorocarbon and nylon monofilament on the market today. As a fly fishing guide in Vail, Colorado, we use spool after spool of this stuff.  Sometimes 6x is a little too light and 5x is a little heavy, so Trout Hunter has accommodated us with half-sizes.   We’re finding that it is limp, seats knots well, and seems to resist abrasion as well Read More

Abel Hybrid Hemostat

Abel hemostat pliers

Abel’s new Hybrid Hemostat has broken the mold on traditional clamps These USA made hemostats are the greatest thing since sliced bread and come with a lifetime warranty. I’ve been waiting patiently for Abel to ship their new hemostats our way and immediately got my hands on a pair to beat the rush. After using them for a few weeks, I am convinced these hemostats are going to take over the market and quickly become Read More

Loon Outdoors – Stanley’s Ice Off Paste

Stanley’s Ice Off Paste – A Must for Winter Fishing in Colorado Treat your Rod, Guides and Fly Line with Ice Off Paste for longer winter days on The Eagle, Colorado, Blue, Yampa and Roaring Fork Rivers People are starting to realize that if you want to fish in absolute solitude over hungry fish with no pressure, the best time to fish in Colorado is in the Winter. If you can handle the cold and Read More

Fishing With Your Dog

Nothing is better than spending a day on the river with your four-legged fishing partner! I’ve learned a lot over the past year fishing with Teva and hope to provide some tips that will keep your pup safe and make the experience more enjoyable for you while fishing with your dog as well as those around you Disclaimer: Do As I Have Learned NOT As I Have Done! Teva is my first dog and I absolutely Read More

Get Buff for Fly Fishing

Ask just about any of the other guides and they will all agree, the UV Buff is a life saver. Long term its the best investment you can make. The UV Buff provides 95% UV protection, and offers coolmax technology that keeps you cool and wicks moisture all day, along with many other features such as insectsheild that repels biting insects and is odor free. There is 12+ listed ways to wear it, everything from Read More

Fly Fishing Gear Checklist

Fly Fishing Gear Checklist   Tomorrow You Will have the Option between 2 fishing locations. Option 1: South Platte River Near Deckers Details: Weekend crowds are heavy through the summer with use beyond fly fishing.  Lot’s of tubers to say the least.  Nonetheless, this is good water to learn based on it’s proximity.   If the water is low and clear, expect to have a tough day as you are learning. It takes a perfect Read More

Scientific Anglers Medium Waterproof Fly Boxes | SA Fly Box Information

When it comes to waterproof fly boxes, Scientific Angler brings an affordable, perfect sized line of boxes to help every angler get organized in their everyday fishing to the table. In the medium sized box line up offered by SA there are 7 different boxes to choose from, SA believes and designed these boxes to be anyone’s everyday box.  They are as follows, Max Nymph/Dry 446, Classic 176 Angled, Special Dry 516, Classic 280, Max 752, Read More

Scientific Anglers Small Waterproof Fly Boxes Product Review | SA Fly Box Information

Scientific Anglers offers a great series of waterproof fly boxes that hold a lot of flies, very user friendly, and at a great price. In the Compact Fly Box  lineup SA offers 4 different configurations to suit anyones needs or preferances, they are the Compact Nymph 270, Compact Angled 164, Compact 216, and finally the Max 432 Fly Boxes. Starting off with the Compact Nymph 270, this waterproof bock gets its name from the fact this box Read More

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