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Fly Line Reviews

There is a variety of different fly lines out there. Dozens if not hundreds of types of each species. Let Minturn Anglers’ staff help you in picking the right one. Read the fly line reviews below and choose your weapon!

Scientific Anglers Braided PE Mono Shooting Line Product Review

PE Mono Running Line

-+*Scientific Anglers Braided PE Mono Shooting Line is a perfect choice for all of your shooting line needs. The Braided PE Mono Shooting Line is a highly versatile running line for both Spey Rods as well as shooting head systems on Single Handed Rods. With its .032″ or 29lb size, it makes this line very user friendly and easy to hold on to. Its a little longer in length than a lot of other running Read More

Scientific Anglers Professional Series Fly Line Product Review | SA Fly Line Information

SA Professional Floating-Fly-Line

-+*The Professional Series by Scientific Anglers provides great taper designs for multiple purposes and most weather conditions. Its well-recognized and proven performance make this series an exceptional value and popular choice among anglers. In this line up SA offers 4 lines, a Floating Line, Sink-Tip, Full Sinking and a Saltwater line to cover you any where your angling passion takes you. Starting off with the Professional Floating line, an excellent general-purpose line for all weather conditions. Read More

Scientific Anglers Supra Fly Line Product Review | SA Fly Line Information

SA Supra-Floating-Fly-Line

-+*Scientific Anglers brings 3 Lines in their Supra Fly Line Series that balance high quality lines at at great price to fit any budget! With a Floating, Sink-Tip Freshwater lines and a General Purpose Saltwater Line, you will be covered in any situation you may face. The first is a general purpose floating line that comes in both a Weight Forward and Double Taper versions. These lines are top quality all purpose fly lines that Read More

Scientific Anglers Streamer Express Fly Line Product Reviews | SA Fly Line Information

SA Mastery Streamer Express Floating-Fly-Line

-+*Scientific Anglers offers a comprehensive line of sink tips lines called the Streamer Express and you cannot find a better set of lines anywhere! These lines come in everything from a Floating line to 50 foot sink tips to cover any possible situation faced by todays anglers. We will start with the Kelly Galloup Floating Streamer Express. Designed by Kelly Galloup with a very unique tape, first of its kind floating streamer line. This line Read More

Scientific Anglers Mastery Wet Tip Express Product Review | SA Fly Line Information

SA Mastery Wet Tip Express-Fly-Line

-+*When you need to get flies deep in a hurry look no farther than the Wet Tip Express from Scientific Anglers! SA started with a braided multifilament core, with low stiffness and strong delievery helping punch your flies where they are intended to go. The ne piece design eliminates hinging found in shooting line / head combinations which equals better casting and distance. The wow tangle design also will increases shooting distance. A very cool Read More

Scientific Anglers Mastery Bluewater Express – Billfish Product Reviews | SA Fly Line Information

SA Mastery Bluewater Express-Fly-Line

-+*Scientific Anglers Mastery Bluewater Express brings 2 killer lines to the world of bluewater fly fishing, tipping the scales in the favor of the angler. When it comes to needed to get big flies deep in a hurry Scientific Anglers has you covered with the Mastery Bluewater Express. Built on extra strong Tropi-Core that is  designed to  handle tuna and other big game fish (60lb break strength). It also has high stiffness and strong delievery. Read More

Rio Outbound Fly Line Review | Best Distance Casting Fly Line


-+*Rio Outbound fly lines were designed to rip! The heads of these lines load fast action rods with ease and generate the most power of any fly line I have ever used. Outbound fly lines have an aggressive front taper of 37ft or 30ft in the Outbound Short version. Lines are available in a coldwater version as well as a tropical version for saltwater use. My first experience with the Outbound line was a few Read More

Scientific Anglers Mastery Series Saltwater Lines Product Reviews | SA Fly Line Information

SA Mastery Saltwater-Fly-Line

-+*Scientific Anglers Mastery Series Saltwater fly lines have you covered for everything the swims the flats anywhere! It covers everything from coldwater redfish to big tarpon in the keys Starting off the with the Saltwater Taper from SA, this is a floating specialty that excels in wade fishing. It is built on a braided multifilament core, with low stiffness, that gives teh angler a moderate delivery. The running line optimized to float and reduces memory, which Read More

Scientific Anglers Striped Bass Fly Line – Fast and Slow Sinking Product Review | SA Fly Line Information

SA Mastery Striped Bass-Slow-Sinking-Fly-Line

-+*The Scientific Anglers Striped Bass fly line in the Fast and Slow Sinking versions will cover all of your Striped Bass, Blue Fish, and False Albacore needs! Starting with the Slow Sinking, built on a braided monofliament core to eleminate tangles and offers great shootablility. This line is also great from the beach, boat, and jettys; allowing the angler tons of versitality in one line. With its short head, it eleminates the need for a Read More

Scientific Anglers Stillwater Product Review | SA Fly Line Information

SA Mastery Stillwater-Fly-Line

-+*Scientific Anglers offers two high quality line series for lake fishing in their Mastery Series. The Stillwater line and the Uniform Sink + line to cover any lake depth or situation. Starting with the Scientific Anglers Stillwater line its built on a monofilament core, which allows this line to be crystal clear for low visibility to even the most skittish of fish. This line also sinks slowly so it can be fished at a shallow Read More

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