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Fly Tying Gear and Materials Reviews

Fly tying is second only to fly fishing at Minturn Anglers. See why we are one of the best fly tying shops in the denver front range by reading our fly tying material reviews

Dirty Little Bugs for Colorado Run Off

Fishing through the dog days of run off on Colorado rivers  The water in our parts of the central mountains has finally begun to rise but thats no reason to put the rods away. From a guide/tyers perspective I really enjoy some stain in my rivers and the bigger hook is an added bonus in strong currents. Big, bright, buggy, leggy, you name it and you can twist it into a bug for mud season Read More

Shimizake Dry Shake Liquid | Fly Fishing Product Review

Dry Shake Liquid product test

Shimizake Dry Shake–Product Review Many fly fishers live by their silicone gel and Dry Shake.  Liquid?  It doesn’t occur to them that it can also be an effective way to deliver floatant.  As long as the solvent dries quickly (and a little powder can hurry that process along), it’s a great way to penetrate those natural fibers with water repellent. Testing Dry Shake Liquid vs. Loon Aquel     We took two size 14 stimulators Read More

Nature’s Spirit Material review by Bob Streb

Got some Spirit? Winter fly tying for Colorado Rivers Yeah I should be christmas shopping for Kit and the lad but they don’t need anything from the “Tie Flying” material shop. Boxes of goodies have been strewn about with new materials and I just couldn’t stroll by this again. Natures Spirit has some cool stuff Hook: TMC 2488 #20 Tail: Yellow PT Fibers Abdomen: Stripped Quill Rib: Thread tag colored black Wing Case: Thinskin Thorax: Read More

Spooled Fly Tying Materials | Thread, Wire, Tinsel

Ultra Wire is one of the hottest and widely used pieces of fly tying material. It has a wide variety of uses. Made most famous by John Barr on his wire body Copper John. Used to tie everything from the wire body on a brassie, to ribs on hares ears, and on streamers to hold material in place. Tensile is another must for everyone’s fly tying box; it allows you to add just the right Read More

Griffin Montana Mongoose Cam Operated Fly Tying Vise Product Review

The Griffin Montana Mongoose Cam fly tying vise from Griffin Enterprises a high quality rotary, cam operated vise made here in the United States. The Jaws are made out of tempered steel which makes them very durable for a long service life. These jaws have superior holding power from your smallest midges in size 28 up to your largest saltwater baitfish patterns in 4/0’s. Also the jaws have a fine adjustment screw to really be Read More

Tubing Fly Tying Materials| Micro Tubing, Stretch Tubing, D-Rib

Stretch Round Rib

Fly Tying Tubing, D-Rib, Stretch, Round Rib Tubing comes in many different colors, sizes and shapes. Each product offers its own special qualities that allows for different uses. Stretch Round Rib is round and solid rubber. It has great stretch which allows for great segmented bodies. It comes in 3 sizes to cover everything from small midges to large saltwater patterns. Stretch Tubing is also round but unlike the round rib it is hollow. Excellent Read More

Turkey Fly Tying Materials | Turkey Quills, Biots, Tails, Flats

Turkey Biots are dyed to match the hatch. These work great for segmented bodies on spinners, dry flies, nymphs, and emergers. Turkey Quills come in matched pairs; a right and a left feather. This allows you to create a wing for the left and right side of your fly. In some cases these wings also come in graded pairs. The grade system applies to Mottled Oak. Mottled Oak Turkey Grades 1, 2 and 3. Grade Read More

Dry Fly Tying Feathers Review | Hackle, Saddles, Necks

4338-Dry Fly Tying Feathers Review-Rooster necks saddle whiting fly tying feathers

We carry Whiting Farms and Metz hackle here in the Denver and Vail/Minturn shop. Each company has its own way of grading the feathers. Metz uses a number system, either grade 1 or 2 or 3. While Whiting Farms uses what they call the “Olympic Grading System” as follows. From top to bottom; Ultra-Platinum, Platinum, Gold, Silver-Select, Silver, Bronze and Pro-Grade; each grade has is own special attributes. As the grades go up, the number Read More

Beginner Fly Tying Kits | Umpqua & SA Tying Kits

These kits are a great way for a beginning tier to get started. They come with basic materials as well as tools to get you started. An economical way for someone to try tying without breaking the bank and still have a variety of materials to get going.

CDC Feathers: Fly Tying Material

4322-CDC Feathers-CDC Super Select

CDC or Cul-De-Canard translates to duck butt. These are the softest feathers from the rump of a Duck. Also they have great qualities in the water. They really grab air bubbles giving the illusion of air bubbles on any given pattern making it look more life like. CDC Puffs are great because of the fact they are smaller in size and softer than standard CDC. We use puffs on midges, emergers, and Compara duns. See Read More

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