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Hunting In Colorado

Minturn Anglers is a diverse outfitter in Colorado that offers hunting in addition to its core fly fishing trips. Our posts cover all aspects of waterfowl and elk hunting in the Colorado Front Range. We have private access to ponds, lakes, rivers, and farming fields along the Front Range and out onto the Eastern Plains to provide you with the best duck and goose hunting in Colorado.

Learning the Duck Call

If you find yourself practicing duck calls instead of singing in the shower, you know the hunting season is fast approaching. Perhaps you’re considering dropping in to Minturn Anglers to pick up a new call. The friendly staff will be pleased to guide you through the maze of choices that will suit your style and budget, from single or double reed to wood, acrylic or polycarbonate construction. Once you have made your choice, the next Read More

DIY Colorado Waterfowl Hunting on Public Lands

Most waterfowl hunters in the Denver – Vail area of Colorado choose to work with experienced hunting guides such as the professionals at Minturn Anglers. They have access to ideal hunting locations and provide clients with all the tools and gear needed for a successful hunt. However, if you are the DIY type of goose or duck hunter who has the time, energy and desire to work out all the details on your own – Read More

How to Reduce Shotgun Recoil for Beginners

Firing a shotgun is not one-size-fits-all. Depending on your size and skill level you may need to take measures to ensure your comfort when shooting or while on a hunt. When a shotgun is fired, the gas from the ignited powder propels pellets out the shell and down the barrel to the target. This action creates an equal force projected backwards that is known as recoil, kickback, and knockback. The weight of the shotgun is Read More

First Time Duck Hunting Preparation

  My neighbor’s daughter has been expressing interest in taking up duck hunting, and asked for some suggestions on how to approach the sport. I’m not sure of the exact reasoning behind the request, but I’m always pleased to have more young people involved, so I was happy to pass on some tips. Of course, my first step was to refer Kristin to the experts at Minturn Anglers in Denver. Whether you’re looking to brush Read More

Elk Hunt Testimonial

Minturn Anglers & Matt, Let me start by saying I have hunted all over North America, Your bow hunting trip to Colorado was the best hunt I have ever been on! Nice accommodations state of the art equipment (can am ,4 wheelers, life size archery target). The host Jonathan Beal is the real deal his hunting knowledge and choice of guides second to none.  I really enjoyed my fellow hunters, everyone got along and the atmosphere Read More

Start Colorado Hunting with a Waterfowl Hunting Class

If you and your wife or older teens have ever wondered what duck or goose hunting in Colorado’Front Range is all about, Minturn Anglers has the perfect solution. Talk to friendly staff at one of their convenient locations in Denver/Parker, Minturn or Vail to learn about their Waterfowl hunting class. Under the direction of a professional hunting guide, this class is designed for both those new to the sport as well as hunters who are Read More

Buy Your Colorado Small Game License

Acquiring a Small Game License in Colorado means you can take part in some of the most spectacular duck and goose hunting in the United States. From early September to late January, many species of duck migrate through the state in addition to the ones that winter here. During peak migration in the Colorado’s Denver Front Range corridor, more than 600,000 geese move through the area. Requirements for Buying a Small Game Hunting License There Read More

Weather Forecasts and Waterfowl Hunting

Typically I listen to the local weatherman to find out what kind of weather to expect when I head out to my favorite duck hunting location. I use this information to tell me how I should dress, and make some estimation of how comfortable a day I can expect. However, a recent discussion I had with a hunting guide at the Denver shop of Minturn Anglers gave me some insights about how to use weather Read More

Have We Got an App for You!

Everybody’s talking about “apps” these days, including waterfowl hunters. If you are not sure what an “app” is, spend a few informative minutes with your grandkids. Basically, a mobile application is a computer program that can be downloaded to a mobile device like a phone or computer tablet, and then accessed whenever desired. The always helpful and informative staff at Minturn Anglers in Minturn Colorado told me that these electronic tools are now available to Read More

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