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Vail Fly Fishing Trips

At Minturn Anglers we make sure you experience the best of Vail fly fishing. Whether you are a novice or have been fly fishing for years, you will appreciate our intimate knowledge of the local waters and our passion for the sport.

We can take you to outstanding fishing spots on the more than 500 miles of river through Colorado’s Vail Valley. The popular Eagle River, Gore Creek, Roaring Fork River and the Colorado River itself are only some of the sites to visit and fish. There are many high country streams and secluded lakes that you will want to fish again and again. Imagine the pure joy of casting your rod against the spectacular backdrop of the Rockies.

We are the fly fishing guides absolutely committed to excellent service in every detail of your fishing time with us. We know how to read the water and interpret weather conditions to make sure we pick the best spot to catch big fish. Then, we focus on you, checking your tackle right down to the last fly and coaching you on technique.

Check out more reasons our Minturn Anglers guides are the first choice for Vail fly fishing services.

Our More Popular Trips

Vail fly fishing Trip - Walk and Wade

Our Minturn Anglers guides excel at satisfying both novice and experienced anglers on our walk and wade fishing trips. They take you to the best fishing spots throughout Vail Valley. They help you choose the right flies and coach you on your fly fishing technique so you are prepared to catch the trout of a lifetime. A backdrop of spectacular scenery is always a bonus when Vail fly fishing.

Starting At………………………..$ 295

Vail Fly Fishing - Float Trips Minturn Anglers Vail Colorado

Let Minturn Anglers arrange a Vail fly fishing float trip on the Eagle, Colorado, Roaring Fork or North Platte River. Accessible only by boat, these high desert or sub alpine stretches of water are full of photo worthy trout. Besides taking care of the boat, food and equipment, our professional guides will coach you in how to read the water and improve your fly fishing technique. The catch is waiting!

Starting At……………………..$ 460

Overnight Float - Minturn Anglers Vail CO

Experience Colorado high country style with a Minturn Anglers overnight float trip. Let our experienced guides show you stretches of the scenic Colorado accessible only by boat. After a relaxing day of fly fishing punctuated by reeling in beautiful trout, you will be ready for camping of a different kind. Enjoy the seclusion of the riverside site, with a touch of luxury in the furnishings and a gourmet meal.

Starting At………………………..$ 475 P/P

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Our Specialty Trips

Fly fishing Vail trip - Kids Fly Fishing Camp

Minturn Anglers is proud of its success in engaging the next generation of anglers! We have even designed a Kids Camp, offering a half day in the mountains, checking out local wildlife and learning the basics of fly fishing traditions. One of our professional guides works with each small group of 6-12 year olds to make sure they have a great time and are eager to continue the fly fishing experience.

Starting At……………………..$ 165 P/P

Minturn Anglers pairs Vail fly fishing with four star dinners for a Cast and Taste treat. Start with a romantic twosome or group of friends spending the day fishing. Our professional guide provides all our regular services from finding the perfect location to coaching you on flies and casting technique. Then, relax at riverside while a local acclaimed chef delights everyone with a gourmet dinner, complete with wine.

Starting At…………………………$ 645 P/P

Guided fly Fishing and horseback rides

Let Minturn Anglers plan your all inclusive horseback fly fishing trip on a large private ranch. Even our professional guides enjoy leading a couple or group on this unique experience. The ride itself to a secluded river or lake is memorable. Then, the number and size of trout make this Vail fly fishing trip the best ever. Plan to stay overnight and do it all over again in the morning.

Starting At………………………..$ 395 P/P

MA Wyoming

Are you ready for exclusive fly fishing on private waters in north central Colorado or Wyoming? Minturn Anglers’ 10 person charter plane will whisk you away to an unforgettable fishing experience. Our professional guides know where to find the largest fish and will coach you on techniques to ensure success. This is a trip for serious anglers, eager to use their skills to reel in the catch of a lifetime.

Starting At……………………….$ 950 P/P

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Group Trips

Include Minturn Anglers in your Colorado high country wedding plans. Stress free fly fishing for the bride and/or groom can alleviate pre-wedding jitters. A gourmet, riverside rehearsal dinner is the perfect ending to a float trip for the wedding party. Or, let all the wedding guests enjoy partying at one of our fishing venues. Minturn Anglers can design a memorable Vail fly fishing experience to celebrate this special day.

Starting At…………………………Call For Pricing

Vail fly fishing trip - Corporate Group fly fishing

Let Minturn Anglers be part of planning your corporate team building, employee recognition or bonding with an important client. We can design a fishing trip that will be memorable for everyone, no matter how skilled or experienced. Colorado high country is the perfect place to gain a new perspective on what is really important. Our professional guides will bring out the best in everyone during their Vail fly fishing adventure.

Starting At…………………………Call For Pricing

Looking for a fun way to spend time in the beautiful Colorado high country with your special group? A Vail fly fishing excursion is the obvious answer. Minturn Anglers provides all the equipment, flies and refreshments needed for a great time on the water. Professional guides teach the novices the basics and coach the experienced fishermen on technique and choosing flies. There are sure to be some great catches!

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Winter Popular Trips

Minturn Anglers is pleased to respond to customer demand for ice fishing. Even the most experienced fly fisherman will enjoy a few hours with family and friends dropping a line through a hole in the ice. Trout, perch and crappies are all waiting to be caught. Minturn Anglers guides fill the waiting time with warm refreshments and various winter activities so everyone of every age has a great time outdoors!

Starting At………………………..$ 350 P/P

Imagine a winter Vail fly fishing experience, wading in the open water surrounded by a serene snow covered landscape. Much lower than our famous ski slopes there are excellent stretches of river where the trout of just waiting for you to brave the cold. Minturn Anglers guides know those perfect spots and would love to coach you in reeling in your catch of the year this winter!

Starting At……………………..$ 295 P/P

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