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Casting Tutorials

There are different casts for different situations regardless of where you are fly fishing. Though most of these casting techniques are focused on our local Colorado rivers, there’s plenty of casting tutorials that can be applied to steelheading and saltwater fishing as well.

Spey Casting is Fly Casting | Basic & Forgotten Fundamentals

My goal in writing this blog and making the video (above) is to do so without mention of terms most people who would benefit from reading this wouldn’t understand. If I tried to explain a bunch of techniques in this article, it would significantly take-away from the main points I’m trying to emphasize. If you decide to act on what you are reading and seeing here, the information to take it a step further is out Read More

Beginner Fly Fishing Corner | Getting Started in Fly Fishing

Welcome to Minturn Anglers beginner fly fishing corner. Fly fishing is a lifelong learning process. The more you do it, the better you get and the more addicting it becomes! Proceed with Caution…. Don’t Expect to be Great the First Time You Fly Fish. Did you shoot par the first time you played golf…or ever? The more you go, the better you will become & the more you will enjoy the sport! Just check out Read More

Fly Casting Videos | Fly Casting Basics, Spey Casts, Distance & Accuracy

fly casting videos; lessons, instruction, classes for all casting skill levels. Free online instructions & tips for spey casting, double haul, & every fly casting video you will ever need for free online! Learn how to cast with some of the best fly casters in the world right here online!

Distance Fly Casting Tips | Tim Rajeff

Tim Rajeff of Echo Fly Rods has two short fly casting videos shared on this page that will help you cast farther and easier. Distance Cssting Tips Video (Part 1) Featured above We often times think that the double haul, loop shape & line speed  (outlined in distance casting tips part 2 below) are all that play into distance casting and fully loading the fly rod. While these are all certainly critical, we often overlook Read More

Accuracy Fly Casting Tips | Tim Rajeff- Competition Fly Casting

In this fly casting video tutorial, Tim Rajeff talks us through some pointers for improving fly casting accuracy. Accuracy Casting Tip Outlines When trying to improve your accuracy, stand with your casting side foot forward to eliminate shoulder and body rotation through the cast. Keep your casting hand in front of your body during the cast to help with alignment towards your target. Use a thumb on top grip or a hand on top grip Read More

Double Spey Skagit Cast

The Double spey is much like the single spey but with one additional movement.  We use this cast when our casting shoulder is faced downstream. 1. With the rod and line downstream of your casting shoulder strip all the way to the shooting head. 2. Raiser the rod to shoulder level and in a slow movement cross the top hand over the bottom hand so that the rod has crossed your non casting shoulder and Read More

Skagit Cast: Snap T, Circle Spey, C Spey

The Snap T, Circle Spey and C Spey, are virtually the same cast.  The difference is in how sharp the line is repositioned to the anchor position. These casts are used to reposition the line ro your casting side shoulder when your casting shoulder is facing upstream. 1. With the line and rod pointing down stream, make a backwards “C” with the rod upstream, with the shooting head and tip going over and the rod Read More

Fly Casting Instruction: Scandinavian Spey Casting

Scandinavian or “Scandi” Style Casting This style was developed in…you guessed it… Scandinavia for casting great distances with little back-casting room.  This style of casting still utilizes the touch and go style of casts as in traditional spey but with shorter rods (11-13′) and  shorter “shooting heads” attached to running line.  Another difference is that in traditional spey the leader and a good portion of the fly line are used as the anchor.  Scandi style Read More

Spey Casting Instruction: Snake Roll

Snake Roll Cast The snake roll is an extremely useful cast that allows you to quickly change direction to almost any angle when your casting shoulder is facing down stream. It also works very well for picking up heavy nymph rigs, streamers, sing tips, and/or lots of line from down stream. With the line down stream, raise the rod to shoulder level and make a slow movement away from the target. Then rotate towards the Read More

Spey Casting Video: Single Spey Instruction

Single Spey Casting Instructions Much the same as the switch cast only adding a change of direction. The first movement is a rotation of the hips towards the casting target.  This will allow you to get your body out of the way on the backcast and behind the cast on the forward delivery.  The direction you rotate should set the direction of your anchor placement. From here everything is the same as a standard switch Read More

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