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Single Hand

Check out our single hand rod casting tutorials for the multitude of fly fishing conditions we experience here in Colorado as well as abroad. From your basic overhead cast to using spey casting techniques with your single hand fly rod, Minturn Anglers has you covered.

Beginner Fly Fishing Corner | Getting Started in Fly Fishing

Welcome to Minturn Anglers beginner fly fishing corner. Fly fishing is a lifelong learning process. The more you do it, the better you get and the more addicting it becomes! Proceed with Caution…. Don’t Expect to be Great the First Time You Fly Fish. Did you shoot par the first time you played golf…or ever? The more you go, the better you will become & the more you will enjoy the sport! Just check out Read More

Fly Casting Videos | Fly Casting Basics, Spey Casts, Distance & Accuracy

fly casting videos; lessons, instruction, classes for all casting skill levels. Free online instructions & tips for spey casting, double haul, & every fly casting video you will ever need for free online! Learn how to cast with some of the best fly casters in the world right here online!

Distance Fly Casting Tips | Tim Rajeff

Tim Rajeff of Echo Fly Rods has two short fly casting videos shared on this page that will help you cast farther and easier. Distance Cssting Tips Video (Part 1) Featured above We often times think that the double haul, loop shape & line speed  (outlined in distance casting tips part 2 below) are all that play into distance casting and fully loading the fly rod. While these are all certainly critical, we often overlook Read More

Accuracy Fly Casting Tips | Tim Rajeff- Competition Fly Casting

In this fly casting video tutorial, Tim Rajeff talks us through some pointers for improving fly casting accuracy. Accuracy Casting Tip Outlines When trying to improve your accuracy, stand with your casting side foot forward to eliminate shoulder and body rotation through the cast. Keep your casting hand in front of your body during the cast to help with alignment towards your target. Use a thumb on top grip or a hand on top grip Read More

Loading the Rod

Loading and Unloading the Rod This is probably the most difficult concept for beginner and intermediate fly casters to grasp and actually “feel.”  In order to progress as a fly caster it is imperative with every forward cast and back cast that you feel the rod bend and unbend in your hand.  This is how power is transferred through the rod and to the line in a fly cast.

False Casting

False Casting In this video clip from Mel Krieger’s “The Essence of Fly Casting” Mel discusses the purpose of false casting.  The most practical purpose of false casting is to dry a fly.  However, as you progress in your casting ability false casting will help you to develop rhythm and timing through the cast. Call us at 720-851-4665 to order “The Essence of Fly Casting DVD”

Basic Fly Casting

Basic Fly Casting This video “The Essence of Fly Casting” by Mel Krieger has held it’s place over time as one of the best instructional fly casting videos.  In this segment, Mel discusses the fundamentals of a basic overhand cast and a roll cast.  The skills discussed in this video are the ones we as a guide service teach everyday. Call us at 720-851-4665 to order “The Essence of Fly Casting DVD”

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