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Switch Casting Instructions

Switch Style: Switch style incorporates rods and lines that can be used to cast over the top, under the tip, with one ore two hands.  The basic switch cast is what is refereed to as a “touch and go cast.”  The basic switch cast is important to learn before you can move any farther.

Steps of a Switch Cast
1. Raise the rod to shoulder level in order to lift line of the water.
2. Make a back cast with the top loop of the line traveling under the rod tip.
3. The goal is to place an anchor down smoothly (the anchor is the tip of the fly line and leader landing on the water) with the tip of the line pointed towards the direction you are casting.
4. Once the anchor is down, everything proceeds in the same way as your normal fly cast with a stop of the rod on the forward and back cast, rod tip traveling on the same plane throughout the cast.

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