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Tips and Tricks

Because we are on the water so much, we’ve developed good habits (and PLENTY of bad) that can help your fishing day go smoother and keep you fishing longer. See the videos below for helpful fly fishing, fly tying and gear tips and tricks.

Beginner Fly Fishing Corner | Getting Started in Fly Fishing

Welcome to Minturn Anglers beginner fly fishing corner. Fly fishing is a lifelong learning process. The more you do it, the better you get and the more addicting it becomes! Proceed with Caution…. Don’t Expect to be Great the First Time You Fly Fish. Did you shoot par the first time you played golf…or ever? The more you go, the better you will become & the more you will enjoy the sport! Just check out Read More

Reading the Water | Trout Habitat & River Types

Reading the water is a term thrown around frequently in fly fishing. Understanding the species of fish you are targeting and the environment in which they live will help you be a more successful angler Trout Identification There are many species of trout and crosses “hybrids” with in them.  For the purpose of this lesson and Colorado fly fishing let’s start with the two most common. Brown Trout & Rainbow Trout Brown Trout Brown Trout Read More

Understanding & Selecting Fly Fishing Gear

Do I need to spend a fortune to get into Fly Fishing? Absolutely not!  What we recommend is that you take it in stride.  You want to buy quality gear, but above all else don’t put your eggs all in one basket and skimp out on the other things you need. Key Things to Look for In Fly Fishing Products WarrantiesDurability & expected lifetimeManufacture Reputation…Do some research! Understanding & Selecting Fly Rods How Fly Rods Read More

Swinging Flies for Trout | N. Platte Guided Spey Trips

North Platte River Guide Spey Instruction offered March through May & October-November on the N. Platte in Cenral Wyoming. MARCH SPEY ONLY SPECIALS! This is a great chance to learn how to spey cast, and swing flies for big N. Platte rainbows! Swinging flies & casting 2 handed rods is a ton of fun, easy to learn & will make you really understand the fundamentals of role casting with your single handed rod. Buy Any Spey Read More

Getting Moss off Your Fly

This is a helpful trick that will help you spend more time fishing and less time dealing with the annoying moss, weeds, and other stuff that ends up on your line.

Walk-the-Dog Topwater Fly

The Pole Dancer Topwater Fly This fall we were able to get our hands on one of Umpqua’s new Flies, “The Pole Dancer.”  This is a true walk the dog topwater that until now has been hard to achieve in a fly.  The face of this fly is cut out in a way that when stripped wobbles side to side much like a waterskier trying to to get up on one ski.  We can’t wait Read More

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