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Fly Fishing Tutorials

For whatever species you are fly fishing for, Minturn Anglers has video tutorials so you can see it, not just read about it. Don’t bother with other websites that can’t back up words with demonstration like Minturn Anglers does.

Strippers and Spoolers Part 1 – Duane Redford

Strippers and Spoolers – Part One Of every fish that eats your offering, you probably recognize 60 percent of the takes. Of that 60 percent, you probably hook slightly less than 50 percent on the set.  Of that 50 percent the average fly angler lands, or brings to net, maybe 40 percent.  Face it folks, we’re leaving a lot of fish for the next angler! As a guide, I try to get my clients into Read More

Getting Skinny on The Eagle River with Duane Redford

Get skinny…. In the Fly Fisher’s Playbooks (both editions), I discuss depth and speed in depth when it comes to nymphing.  Typically, you want the depth (distance from indicator to weight) to be around one and a half times the depth of water you’re fishing, and the speed to be half of the speed of the surface water.  In other words, you want your indicator to be cruising at half of the speed of the Read More

Fly Tying Tips and Techniques – Painted Tag Thread Midge

Painted Tag Thread Midge by Brian Stevens A great way to save a step and the profile of your Eagle River Midge Pattern This is a way to speed up your fly production, while keeping that great metallic ribbing. This video is by Brian Stevens, fly fishing guide at Minturn Anglers

Tips for Tying your Pats Rubber Legs

Great Tips for a Great Fly, the Pat’s Rubber Legs Pat’s Rubber Legs works well all year round in multiple colors and sizes. A Colorado staple fly wherever you are in and around the Vail Valley or elsewhere! Enjoy this fly tying demonstration that focuses on how to make a “Pat’s Rubber Legs” stonefly pattern efficiently. Created by Brian Stevens, guide at Minturn Anglers in Minturn, Colorado, with the assistance of 8th grader Colton Clark

Wading through the Dead Water | What Really Catches Trout

Common Question: What are the fish hitting lately? Answer: A consistently good drift at the right depth over water where fish are holding with a fly the fish will notice but not run away from. When I’m asked the above question and  give the above mentioned answer, people often think I’m holding back or saving the “secret fly.”  Really though, what I mentioned is the most important piece of advice for catching trout anywhere in Read More

Marabou Tube Fly

Marabou tube flies are easy to tie tube flies that work extremely well for trout, steelhead and other species.  The version tied in this video is designed to be fished as a swung fly for trout in Colorado. See How to Rig a Tube Fly Marabou Tube Fly Material List Marabou Plumes to Match Color of Choice Holographic Tinsel HMH Tubes HMH Tube Fly Adapter Octopus Stinger Hooks  

Flash ‘N Slinky Wiper Fly

The Flash N’ Slinky bait fish patterns is a fly we use often for targeting wiper in Colorado.  This fly can be tied in a variety of colors to match the forage fish on you local waters in both freshwater and in the salt. Material List Thread: Clear Mono Tying Thread Hook: TMC 811S 1/0-#6 Body: Metz Flash N Slinky in colors of choice Eyes: Prismatic Eyes


Hoodrat The Hoodrat was developed to imitate a small field mouse.  Trout, along with bass and pike are natural predators of the field mouse.  The hoodrat is designed to look as natural as possible, while maintaining it floatability and action. Fly Tying Materials List: We are happy to mail you any materials you will need to tie this fly and/or others.  To order by phone call us at 720-851-4665. Hook: TMC 8089 #04-10 Weight: Lead Read More

Silver Springs Ranch

Silver Springs Trophy Colorado Trout Ponds We are very fortunate to be the exclusive guide service of Silver Springs Ranch near Woodland Park, CO.  The series of five ponds produces the largest stillwater browns and rainbows you will find anywhere.  Better yet the rod fee is only $25/person!  This is a great place to take kids or anyone you need to get seriously hooked on fly fishing!

Flossback Emerger

Flossback Emerger Juan Ramirez and his Flossback Emerger Fly Tying Materials List: We are happy to mail you any materials you will need to tie this fly and/or others.  To order by phone call us at 720-851-4665. Hook: TMC 2488 #16-22 Thread: 70 UTC Grey or UNI 8/0 Grey Tail: Hackle Fibers Rib: UTC X-small Wire Black Abdomen: Thread Wingcase: Ultra Floss Thorax: Superfine Dubbing

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