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Fly Tying

As a “Fly Tier’s Shop” we proudly share a vast knowledge as a collective to you the fly tier. Whether it’s fly patterns you are looking for or techniques, Minturn Anglers has the Fly Tying Tutorials to make your flies fish better and catch more.

Scott Tidal Fly Rod Review | Scott Fly Rods | Salt Water Fly Rods

-+*Scott “Tidal” series fly rods live up to the bill of “making the hard way a little easier.” Chasing fish in salt water on a fly rod can be a great way to get humbled. Wether its the elusiveness of the species we are chasing our the conditions we choose to pursue them in, we tend to be at a disadvantage.  Having a fly rod you trust to make the cast when the time comes Read More

Midges – Tame to “Trashy”

-+*Let your creative juices flow with these simple additions on a common thread midge There’s no debating the face that trout love the color blue, especially rainbow trout. Here on the Eagle River, head guide Bob Streb shows a few of his favorite variations for dressing up his “trashy” midges for Colorado fly fishing. Do yourself a favor and experiment with different colored ribs, beads, dubs and head colors to create a killer combination for Read More

The Big Bird PMD Nymph by Bob Streb

-+*This is a great fly tying pattern for our local Colorado streams. It is a quick tie, uses only a few materials and works like a charm all Summer long on the Eagle River, Roaring Fork and Colorado River. These flies fish best from a Sz. 16-20 on a dead drift or a gradual lift. We stock all the materials needed for this fly so give us a call if you’d like to spin up Read More

The Crip Keeper by Bob Streb

-+*This fly pattern is a great mayfly cripple pattern for here in central Colorado, especially on the Eagle, Roaring Fork and Colorado Rivers. When the fishing pressure picks up on our central Colorado Trout, small and realistic is the way to go. The trout on our major Colorado fisheries can get pretty picky and this fly has paid a few bills while guiding over pressured fish. Fish it deep or in the film. Hook: Tiemco Read More

Bob’s Big Bird Midge by Bob Streb

-+*Bob’s Big Bird Midge is a variation of his ever-popular Big Bird PMD. This fly is a Colorado guide favorite and features an ultra-realistic biot body and a herl head that moves like crazy in the water. This fly is made of only a few materials and can tied industry style in different colors and sizes. If you have a variation that works great for you, send us your submission! Like all the other flies Read More

Sam’s Softhackle Sally

-+*Sally slimmed down Day dreaming away a cold winters day at the tying vise is one of the reasons we tie flies. Tying this one up makes me think of warmer days, my boat and the Upper Colorado River. Sally shrunk! Maybe it was a New Years Resolution a few years back that stuck, but Sally has become noticeably smaller. The water of the upper Colorado River between Pumphouse and Catamount is perfect Stonefly habitat Read More

Spey Goldie | Goldie Bugger Variation

-+*Spey Goldie This is a variation of a popular Reef Fly Shop pattern known as the Goldie Bugger.  The fly in this video is designed to be fished on the swing as opposed to cast and strip.  Not that the original Goldie doesn’t work well for that too! Fly Tying Materials List: We are happy to mail you any materials you will need to tie this fly and/or others.  To order by phone call us Read More

Fly Tying Videos | Fly Tying Instructions & Fly Recipes


-+*Browse our FREE Online resource of fly tying videos, fly recipes & fly patterns for every fly you will every need to tie and fish with in Colorado & Beyond. Fly recipes for Dry Flies, Nymphs, Streamers, Spey Flies, Saltwater Flies & Freshwater flies.

String Leech Tube Fly

-+*The String leech is an easy to tie streamer pattern for a variety of species which you might pursue on a fly rod.  This version is tied on a tube and can be adjusted in size and color to swing flies for steelhead or trout. See How to Rig a Tube Fly String Leech Tube Fly Material List Rabbit strips to match color of choice Krystal Flash HMH Fly Tying Tubes HMH Tube Fly Adapter Read More

Signature Intruder – Steelhead Flies

-+*The Intruder has become one of the most popular steelhead flies ever conceived for the Pacific Northwest.  We have found it to be equally effective in smaller sizes for trout in Colorado and throughout the west.  If you need to see how to attach dumbell eyes, see our Clouser Minnow tying video.  For instructions on how to tie in a stinger hook see the string leech fly tying instructions.     Materials list 35mm: Waddington Read More

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