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Getting Skinny on The Eagle River with Duane Redford

Get skinny…. In the Fly Fisher’s Playbooks (both editions), I discuss depth and speed in depth when it comes to nymphing.  Typically, you want the depth (distance from indicator to weight) to be around one and a half times the depth of water you’re fishing, and the speed to be half of the speed of the surface water.  In other words, you want your indicator to be cruising at half of the speed of the Read More

Duane Redford’s Mini Rig

I have been using the Mini Rig off and on, on guided trips for the last month. As we begin to see August around the corner, it will be my go to rig while chasing trout with clients. The Mini Rig is a way to attack fish from the top down. It’s simply a short nymph rig without the classic indicator, so to speak. Your indicator is a large dry fly, something like a Chubby Read More

All the Knots You Need | Essential Freshwater Fly Fishing Rigging

The first time I taught the classroom portion of a two-day fly fishing class, I spent about an hour on rigs and knots.  That was about 35 minutes too long.  After teaching fifteen of them, I reduced that number to two: the surgeon’s and clinch.  Twenty minutes included practicing these knots three times.  If they wanted more, and many did, my students stayed in class for lunch, and we worked on blood knots, Albrights, and Read More

Tube Fly Rigging

Ty Clifton showing you how to rig a tube fly streamer using a surgeon’s loop attached to a stinger hook.

Pegged Egg Rigging

Diagram on How to Attach Pegged Egg Troutbeads to Your Line…                                                     What is a Peg Egg Rig? A peg egg rig uses a bead with shape and color fixed to the tippet above a stinger hook. When a fish eats the bead and the hook is set, the egg Read More

Quick Sink Thing-a-ma-bobber Rig

Tips For Knots and Rigging This is a great rig and knot to use for fishing a variety of our shallow high gradient trout streams. The rig first came to me from friend and Guide Brandon Soucie of Taylor Creek fly shop in Basalt. the rig was developed for fishing out of a boat in fast water. In these situations a rig must be short and sink quickly. Dropping level 3x off the indicator allows Read More

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