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Fly Rod Design | Understanding Fly Rod Stiffness

Why are some fly rods stiffer than others and why does a 5wt sometimes feel stiffer than what another manufacture calls a 7wt fly rod? Tim Rajeff- Echo Fly Rods explains what fly rod stiffness entails. For the second part of this video see Fly Rod Power vs. Fly Rod Action.

Fly Rod Design | Understanding Fly Rod Action & Power

Have you ever wondered what makes a fly rod slow, medium, fast action, 5wt or 8wt? In this video Tim Rajeff of Echo Fly Rods talks us through how fly rods are rated on a deflection board during the design process and what determines a fly rods action vs. the fly rod power. Fast Action Fly Rods Fast action fly rods like the Scott S4S, Sage TCX, Sage VXP, Redington Predator,  and a number of Read More

Echo Fly Rod Durability Test | How Fly Rods Break

Echo fly rods are quality tougher than nails fly rods designed to be durable at a budget minded price point. In this video, Tim Rajeff of Echo fly rods shows us just how tough these fly rods really are!

How to Choose the Best Fly Lines | Tim Rajeff Fly Line Selection

In this Video tutorial, Tim Rajeff of Airflow fly lines outlines three important steps in deciding how to choose the best weight forward (WF) fly line. In choosing a fly Line Tim Rajeff outlines three important questions about fly lines… How Long Should the Weight Forward Section of the fly line be? How much should the weight forward section of the fly line weigh? What type of taper should the weight forward section of the Read More

Product Review: Skagit MOW Tips

MOW Tips are based on the type of sink tips that Skagit maestros Mike McCune, Scott O’Donnell and Ed Ward have designed and used for years. Not only are the MOW tips exceptionally easy to cast, but they also give anglers far more precision in depth control than has ever been possible in the past. The MOW tip concept is simple; keep the tip length the same, regardless of how long the sinking section is. Read More

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