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Duane Redford

Duane Redford, a professional fly fishing guide, spends the majority of his days guiding on the Eagle River near Minturn, Colorado and the South Platte River below Deckers, Colorado. 

He began his fly fishing career fishing the Rocky Mountain West, and has been toting a fly rod for better than four decades. 

Duane Redford is a sought after national speaker and a signature fly tyer for Montana Fly Company and has written two fly fishing books; “The Fly Fishers’ Playbook, A Systematic Approach to Nymph Fly Fishing” and “Hidden in Plain View, Recognizing the Obvious and Exploiting the Obscure in Fly Fishing.”

Joel Sharp

I have been in the vail valley for 25 years and can never get enough of the outdoors. I love exploring small creeks that lead to big rivers.

It gives me absolute pleasure to spend the day teaching/watching someone fly fish. It just never gets old for me!

Levi Lambert

Levi grew up in western Montana, fishing the river systems and creeks of the Bitterroot Valley and surrounding area’s. After graduating from the University of Montana he and his wife moved out to Colorado and have been here fishing ever since.

He enjoys all forms of fly fishing whether it’s salt water or fresh water, dry fly, streamer, or nymph, but sight fishing rivers and mountain creeks is what he enjoys the most.

When he’s not out fishing with clients, managing his business, or tying up some new fly pattern, Levi can usually be found fishing the S. Platte River through the town of Deckers, CO. where he and his wife live. Levi’s passion for teaching the technical aspect’s of fly fishing and providing others with the tools that improve there overall fishing experience, is secondary only to his wiliness to go the extra mile to ensure that clients have a fun and memorable fishing adventure.

Mandy Hertzfeld

Mandy grew up in a small farm town of Waterville, Ohio. She spent most of her childhood outdoors and not much has changed since. She has surrounded herself with her two passions, art and fly fishing. 

After graduating with a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts, Mandy moved out to the Vail Valley to begin her career as an Artist and a fly-fishing guide. Inspired by fly fishing, her artwork is a direct reflection of her passions. For her, fly fishing is a way for her to slow down and appreciate the little things that the river has to offer. 

When she isn’t on the water she’s in the studio painting. She believes that each day on the river is a blank slate or a white canvas waiting for you to make something of it, to figure it out, to pay attention to the details, and to learn. It’s about the experiences.

Billy McMillan

Hi, I’m Billy. I started with Minurn Anglers as a shop dog around 2010. Over the years I’ve learned from some of the most amazing, and passionate people both guides and clients alike, than I could ever have dreamed. 

The lifestyle that is Fly Fishing and guiding is one of the most fulfilling, challenging, and rewarding experiences I’ve had. It has allowed me to travel to places like Alaska, Belize, New Zealand, and around the U.S. to encounter fish and Fly Fishing styles of many kinds. 

Through all of this life education, I’ve learned not only do I love to fish, I absolutely love taking people fishing. Introducing, teaching, and improving Fly Fishing skills is something I take great pride in doing. So come on out to the river with me, on my boat, or just walking along and we’ll have ourselves some fun taking in what is Fly Fishing.

Troy Garner

After moving to Colorado, my excitement for fishing grew far beyond it just being a hobby, and I fell in love with the pristine rivers and lakes on the western slope. 

I’m known around the shop for my achievements at the GoPro games and for adopting the Euro nymphing technique. I’m always happy to get out on the water and learn new techniques to improve my fishing. 

When I’m not on the river, you can find me in the backcountry getting my camp on or more than likely studying for that schooling degree.

Nate Diamond

Nate diamond grew up fly fishing with his father and grandpa all over the midwest, he now spends his summers In Colorado guiding for Minturn Anglers. 

In the Fall if not on the river he can be found on the Mountain, looking for elk, or back in the Midwest In a treestand hunting whitetails. He spends his winters in Michigan fishing for trout and steelhead.

Maverick Conklin

Maverick started fly fishing at a young age of 6 on the small streams and lakes in the hudson valley of New York but fly fishing had much bigger plans for this avid fisherman. 

After completing guide school in Montana Maverick moved to the famous Vail valley and started guiding with Minturn Anglers. After 7 years he has fly fished most of the rivers in Colorado and has experienced New Zealand and South America as well as the salt water side of the sport . 

His favorite rivers are the Eagle and the Colorado and that’s what keeps him around.

Charlie Moreland

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Charlie grew up with a love for largemouth bass and fishing altogether. After graduating culinary school, Charlie found his way to Colorado in 2011 working as a professional chef and loving the mountain lifestyle. It was not long after, Charlie was introduced to the world of Colorado trout fishing and his passion for fly-fishing opened the doors to professional guiding. Based in Minturn Colorado Charlie practically lives on the banks of the Eagle and Colorado Rivers and has quickly ascended to a leader among the Minturn Guide Staff.  Charlie’ love for fly fishing and adventure has taken Charlie from the cold waters of Alaska’s Kenia Peninsula to the salty flats of Cuba and many places in between.


Nothing puts a smile on Charlies face more than sharing his knowledge and passion of fly fishing with others in pursuit trout in the Vail Valley. 

Tom Herbert

I grew up fly fishing the Big Thompson river in Rocky Mountain National Park and below Estes Park.

I am currently in my second season with Minturn Anglers and will usually be seen on all stretches of the South Platte, the lower Eagle river or the Roaring Fork.

If I’m not fishing for trout in the mountains, you will find me chasing carp or bass on the front range.

Jonathan Messinger

After several years of honing his fishing skills in Bozeman, Montana, Jonathan returned to Colorado and back to his home waters.

On any given day you are likely to see him fishing or guiding on the South Platte, exploring the Eagle River or chasing trophy trout on the Dream Stream and many others. Jonathan’s love of fishing is infectious and it is his mission to share that passion with other anglers and anyone interested in the sport. “I love seeing the smiles, good energy and lasting memories that the river gives us, I want to share those qualities with anyone and everyone. Come fish with me!”

Ben Gruner 

 Originally from upstate New York, Ben spent his younger years chasing tail in the Catskill Mountains – a region well known as “the birthplace of American fly fishing.”  After school, Ben fled the east coast in search of brown trout and brown-haired women.  Though we can’t speak to his success in the latter category, we’re confident in saying he’s well versed in finding the Salmo trutta category.  When not on the river, Ben spends his time on the tying bench or behind the typewriter.  You can find examples of his work in both The FlyFish Journal, The Drake magazine. 

Fun Fact: He’s a triplet. 


Stephen Balogh

Stephen has made himself at home on the waters of Colorado living and guiding since 2012. As a child in Dallas (Caruth for you Dallas folk) he was found baiting his own hooks and unhooking fish as early as 4 years old. His passion for fly-fishing grew exponentially since that age and has led him to guide some of the best-known waters in the world. Stephen attended the University of Arkansas, studying Hospitality, where he spent more time on the water than in class (still graduated!). His first guiding gig came about in 2009 at a private rod and gun club an hour outside of campus. 

Stephen has since guided in Unalakleet Alaska, on the San Juan River in New Mexico, and every  river he can in the Vail Valley. In the off-season, his passion for fly-fishing has is split between a lodge in Xcalak Mexico and most building an outfitter on the famous White River in North Arkansas where he plans to “hibernate – AKA guide for monster brown trout” until summer in Colorado returns. Stephen has established himself as the go-to float guide at Minturn Anglers and loves teaching all ages and experience levels.