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Warm Water Flies

String Leech Fly Tying Tutorial | Levi Lambert

Dubbing Loop Leech Tutorial Yea, you heard me, a leech and I know what your thinking, with all the wonderful variations of stone flies, worms, eggs, and attractor patterns, why in the world would you waste space in your nymph rig with a dull looking leech? It’s simple, I’m lazy, and this particular leech pattern …

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Barr’s Slumpbuster

Barr’s Slumpbuster In this video, Minturn Anglers guide demonstrates how to tie the Slumpbuster. The Slumpbuster is a great streamer in a variety of waters developed by John Barr.  I have caught fish on the slumpbuster dead drifting it under an inidcator as a leach, stripping it on the South Platte, fishing it as my second …

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Backstabber The Backstabber is arguably the best carp fly out there.  It ability to imitate the wide variety of a carp’s diet, is key in it’s success. This is a great pattern to use when carp fishing on the South Platte River through Denver. Fly Tying Materials List: We are happy to mail you any …

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Mercer’s Golden Stone

Mercer’s Epoxy Back Golden Stone Mercer’s Golden Stone has become a steadfast fly on the South Platte through Cheesman Canyon and Deckers (and anywhere else where golden stones are prolific).  This fly is effective in a variety of situations and size should be matched to flow and water clarity (bigger dirtier water=bigger fly). Fly Tying …

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