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Spey Casting Classes

It’s no surprise to anyone that two handed fly rods are quickly taking over the fly fishing industry.

We know that investing in a Spey rod, reel and the different rods can be a intimidating and daunting task so before you dive in head first, join in on our Spey Casting Class to figure our the right gear for your application. There are a multitude of casts involved in fishing two handed rods; perry pokes, single speys, double speys, snap-t’s and snake rolls to name a few. Besides spey gear selection, we cover the casts and their appropriate uses for the application of your choice. A lot of these casts can be applied to a single hand rod too making you that much better of a fisherman with your 9’0″ 5 wt.

Expand your repertoire this year with a Spey Casting Class from Minturn Anglers. We are happy to show you the differences between spey, switch, scandi and skagit and give you the opportunity to try them all. As we stated above, these techniques are a great way to cover a lot of water, at any depth and both upstream and downstream.



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“Best fishing shop I’ve come across. I’m fairly new to the fly game – as I come from the salt water. But have been in hundreds of shops along the east coast – Minturn Anglers is on a different level.”

Baer D.

“These guys were great. The took a first time fisherman (me) to the coolest spot on the Blue River in Silverthorne where I caught a huge fish on my second cast. I hooked 5 or 6 in a row before my buddy made me switch places with him. Nice guys, very helpful.”

Bob A.