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Colorado’s Fly Fishing Authority

Put simply, no other guide service consistently produces the fly fishing experience that we at Minturn Anglers provide on any of our other local rivers.

We are fly fishing guides committed to fly fishing. We are not a seasonal mass tourism fly fishing operation like you will find in most resort towns. We know  our local water intimately and are not learning it as we go.  we are making adjustments to your flies and rig in advance because we know that an extra split shot is the difference between a fish or no fish in the next spot.


Our Difference

We Cover a Lot of Ground: With three full service fly shops and guide services in Denver, Vail & Minturn, we keep an up-to-date beat on more water than any other fly shop or outfitter in the state. This is over 500 miles of river that we know like the back of our hand!  Our reach extends beyond Colorado and we have knowledgeable staff that can talk you through fly fishing anywhere on the globe!

Experienced Guides:  We will not charge you $495 to go on a float trip with a “guide” that took a rowing school for the first time a few days prior. Throughout the day, our guides make adjustments to your flies and rig constantly because we know that an extra split shot is the difference between a fish or no fish.

We Fish for Big Fish: We see the big fish you dream about frequently because we fish for them. Big trout hold in deep runs and behind submerged shelfs and structure. For these reason we will often ignore the banks that everyone fishes and have you fish in the middle of the river. While other guides turn around and row through the “the flat water” we fish it and catch fish that don’t get caught by anyone else.

We Work Harder: The biggest difference is that we are the hardest working guides on the river. If we pass through a run that we know holds fish, we don’t just keep going. We back row it and adjust our weight and depths until we start hitting fish. Once we start hitting fish, we don’t coast. We fish the river hard from the put in to the take out and give you your moneys worth.

Honesty: We are more interested in having you back year after year as opposed to making a quick buck off you. If fishing conditions change drastically following a big rain storm, we will be honest about what you can expect and let you decide whether or not you still wish to float or reschedule. We will always be happy to issue a refund if conditions wont allow for a great day on the river. That being said, it really takes a lot to make the Colorado unfishable and we almost prefer dirty water over really clear water on the Colorado.

Knowledge: Our guide staff is made up of authors, commercial fly tiers, and guides who fish and win fly fishing competitions. We are stewards of the sport and enjoy sharing our passion and knowledge for the sport with you. It’s easy to say, “we have the most knowledgeable and experienced staff” on a website. If you have any doubts we encourage you to ask around.

Innovation: We are innovators of our industry offering trips that no else does and service that is unrivaled. We are often followed or copied, but never outdone by other outfitters. We offer fly fishing trips that no one else does.

Friendliness. If our success could be summed up in one word, “friendly” would be that word.  In an industry made up of arrogant fly fishing elitists, we have grown from nothing by consistently following the simple principle of, “Just be nice to people.”