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Arkansas River - Upper


The Upper Ark has been hit or miss this week due to colder weather. Slush runoff has been a common challenge and trout activity has been minimal prior to 11 am. Knowing this, your best bet is to fish the 12 pm – 4 pm window when air and water temps are at their peak. Until we get closer to spring, continue focusing on the stretch downstream of Browns Canyon. Pat’s Rubber Legs, Copper Johns, Perdigons, Frenchies and Bead Head Pheasant Tails are productive lead patterns. For your trailer, midge larva and pupa patterns are still the way to go. Miracle Nymphs, Demon Midges, Pale Ale Midges, Mercury Midges, Mercury Black Beauties and Chocolate Foam Back Emergers are some of our go-to midge patterns right now. While you may see some trout move into the middle water column during the afternoon to feed on emerging midges, the deepest water column is where you should spend most of your time. Ample split shot and/or tungsten bead nymphs will ensure your flies get down quickly. Focus on the soft sections that provide trout an opportunity to conserve energy (deep pools, soft runs, slack water and tailouts).

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