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Arkansas River - Upper


Stable flows and mild weather this week led to fun and productive fishing. Trout are noticeably sluggish and selective during the morning hours but become more active in the late morning/early afternoon. As we move further into fall, the stretches above and below Salida will offer more consistent fishing due to warmer air temps. This isn’t to say that Leadville and sections near Buena Vista will fish poorly but your productive windows will be smaller due to colder overnight temperatures. There is still plenty of bug activity right now and trout are looking up to feed on the surface when conditions are right. The early afternoon BWO hatch has been the most consistent but be on the lookout for midge and caddis. Even if trout aren’t actively rising, a dry dropper with a pupa trailer is a great way to test the water and look for opportunistic trout. Sub-surface, we’re seeing growing success with classic pre-spawn/spawn offerings such as leeches, worms, eggs and streamers. Leeches, worms and eggs are great lead patterns for a nymph rig and streamers can be dead drifted or stripped. Along with those patterns, red nymphs always seem to do well (red Copper Johns, red Zebra Midges, Disco Midges, Rojo Midge etc.). Classic searcher patterns, baetis emergers, midge pupa and caddis pupa will work well in the trailer position. Due to lower flows (mid 200 cfs range), trout will stack up in pronounced pools, runs and pockets for most of the day. Strong hatches and warm afternoons will bring trout into slow riffles and faster water.

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