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Blue River - Silverthorne


Flows on the Blue River, in Silverthorne, have held steady over the last several days and are sitting below the historical average for this time of year. As a result, water clarity is good, making trout easier to locate. However, it goes both ways and trout can be fairly skittish. Friday (5/20) through Tuesday (5/24) will be on the cooler end with a small chance of rain/snow. During this time, Trout will favor the soft water before 9 am, but as the day progresses and temps rise, they will be more prone to spread out and feed at various depths and locations across the water. Otherwise, starting on Wednesday (5/25) things will begin to warm up again and trout will resume their regular feeding habits. The double and triple nymph rig will do most of the heavy lifting. Ensure ample weight when targeting the soft water so as to reach the deepest water columns. However, as air temps rise and hatch activity materializes, be sure to lighten the load focusing on the mid to upper water columns. A dry fly rig or a dry to an emerger is always a good option as well, particularly during a hatch. Midge and baetis larva/pupa like a Zebra Midge, Chocolate Foam Back Emerger, RS2 and Darth Baetis will be a good place to start. However, mild weather should make for some decent midge and BWO hatches in the late morning and afternoon, respectively. If you see trout actively rising, some combination of a Parachute Adams, Parachute BWO, BWO Comparadun, Griffith’s Gnat or Cluster Midge will be effective.

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