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Blue River - Silverthorne


After a substantial increase on Tues (6/15), flows on the Blue have seemingly leveled off. Water clarity has suffered to some extent, but there is still plenty of visibility and things should clear up in the next day or so assuming no further increases in flow. Nymphing will continue to produce the best results, but keep an eye out for surface activity and if you see trout actively rising don’t hesitate to rig up some dries. When nymphing, you’ll want to lead with bigger bugs as air pressure will be on the lower end of normal and the water will be stained. Start with a mysis shrimp as they are high in numbers given the recent bump in flows. Otherwise, Pat’s, Mini Leeches, Buckskins, or San Juan Worms will be a good option as well. However, you might try your luck at a searcher pattern like a Guide’s Choice Hare’s Ear, Flashback PT or Copper John (red or green). Otherwise, think small and imitative midge pupa, baetis emergers or caddis pupa for your trailer flies. Trout will sit along the banks and in the slack water in the early hours, but as the day goes on look for them to stack up in the slow and deep runs, pools and pockets. In the afternoon, look for trout to migrate into the faster water like the riffles and seams. During this time, you'll want to focus on emerger patterns.

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