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Blue River - Silverthorne


Since increasing to a more productive level toward the end of May, flows on the Blue River, below the Dillon Dam, have held steady for the last several days. At this flow, there is ample water for trout to spread out. That being said, water clarity remains high and trout remain skittish and selective so you’re going to need to work for it. Rain over the next few days will make timing a crucial, yet tough to nail down, factor when it comes to a productive outing. In general, we’re expecting storm activity to occur later in the afternoons so the plan on hitting the water in the morning or late afternoon/evening. Regardless, day of planning will go a long way given the erratic nature of Colorado weather. Nymphing will do most of the heavy lifting and you’ll want to focus on a combination of searchers/attractors at the lead to one or more smaller imitations in the midge and baetis variety. Trout will feed most heavily during the warmest hours of the day, but they will be especially active in the hours leading up to and immediately after storm activity. Hatch activity has been strong as of late with midges and BWOs making regular appearances so come prepared to fish some dries. Trout are holding to the deep and slow water during the coldest hours of the day, but are regularly spreading out to feed in the faster moving riffles, seams and transitions during the hatch.

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