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Blue River - Silverthorne


Flows on the Blue have held steady for some time now and are on the lower end of normal for this time of year. Water clarity is generally good. However, it can be hit or miss given ongoing construction near the I70 bridge. It is our understanding that they are adding a third lane to the interstate and a new section to the bridge. Consequently, they are digging a new utility line across the river which has led to clarity impairments on days when they are digging or when it rains. The water upstream of the bridge remains in decent shape. However, downstream sections are hit or miss. With this in mind, we’d encourage you to have a contingency plan until construction wraps up in the coming weeks. Either way, nymphing with small and simple imitations will continue to produce the most consistent results. Hit the slack water along the banks in the early hours and look to the deeper pools and slow runs as the day goes by. Upon hatch activity, trout will move in and out of the faster riffles and seams to feed on emerging bugs so be sure to lighten the load and fish an emerger as your trailer fly. Hatch activity has been consistent. However, surface action can be hit or miss. Expect midges to kick things off first thing in the morning followed by BWOs and the occasional red quill. Last but certainly not least, dry droppers or hopper droppers are both viable options right now. Not only have trout been keen to terrestrials along the banks, but the lighter rig will make for a clean and splash free presentation which is especially important on this trick tailwater.

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