Boxwood Gulch offers anglers a truly remarkable experience fishing for a chance at a trophy trout. This premier private property is located on the North Fork of the South Platte in Shawnee, CO. Anglers will find both solitude, impeccable amenities  and remarkable fishing all within a short drive from Denver. Space is limited on the property and reserved for private guiding only. It is encouraged to book with us well in advance when choosing to fish Boxwood Gulch.


  • Grey RS2 #18
  • Quesmodo Pheasant Tail #18
  • Pats rubber leg #12
  • Pink/Red San Juan worm #10
  • Rainbow Warrior #18
  • Parachute Adams #20

Report Date:  May13th, 2019


The flows on the North Fork are super low in the absence Roberts Tunnels clean water. The bug life is about standard fare on Boxwood and Longmeadow but all the fish are concentrated in what deep water they can find. The water does have a little color in it even with the flows being low so the streamer bite in the morning or on your cloudy days has been steady. When they stop chasing the meat you’re gonna need some flashy bugs to cut through the tint in the water and a fair amount of weight to get to where they’re living in this low water. Now we are still talking about some of the best Private water on the Front Range here but man would we like to see Denver Water turn Roberts Tunnel on.

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