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Brush Creek

Brush Creek is easily accessible and runs through the White River National Forest. It can be highly technical in stretches but can yield hard fighting fish year-round.


  • Pheasant Tail #22

  • Pat’s rubber leg #8

  • Miracle midge black #20

  • PMD emerger #20

  • Parachute Adams #20

Report Date: August 17th, 2017

If you are looking for technical creek fishing, look no further than Brush Creek. There are bigger fish to be found down here but stealth is an absolute must as some fish you truly only get one cast.

Walk slow, keep your shadow off the water and leave the thingamabobbers at home.

Stimulators with a LONG dropper trailed by small realistic flies like RS-2’s, WD40’s, Zebra Midges and Medallion Midges will be your most successful set up.

Use a fair amount of floatant and put a number 6 split shot between the dry and the dropper. Head on up the road, closer to Sylvan Lake if serenity is what you are looking for

Stick to town for better opportunities of bigger fish but plan to work for em!

Brush Creek Access Points

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