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Cache La Poudre River


Run off has begun on the Poudre and the fishing is tough. At this point, the water is largely blown out and you’ll be hard pressed to put a few fish in the net. While increases in flow are expected to moderate through Sunday (5/22) given cooler weather, it will likely be short lived. While you will see results with a little persistence and luck, it is probably in your best interest to fish elsewhere. If you are dead set on fishing here, target the banks and slack water as this is where clarity will be best and you will find the most trout. Heavy nymph rigs with big and flashy bugs as well as dark and flashy streamers will produce the best results. While we're seeing some strong hatches throughout the day, trout will not be terribly inclined to feed on the surface. For the time being, we will be forgoing our daily forecasts until conditions improve. If you have specific questions feel free to reach out via email at

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