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Cache La Poudre River


At this point, the Poudre is largely out of commission given that it is mostly covered in ice. While you will find the occasional open run, it is in your best interest to fish elsewhere until conditions improve. Another option would be to hit the North Fork, below Seaman Reservoir, which is a tailwater, where ice is less of a concern and you can fish year round. Regardless, the mornings have been and will continue to be slow from a productivity perspective so there is no hurry to get to the water. Let it sit in the early hours and hit the water after 10 am when things start to warm up and the bugs and fish start moving. Nymphing with simple searchers or attractors at the lead like a Flashback PT, Guide’s Choice Hare’s Ear, Perdigon, Rainbow Warrior or red Copper John to one or more smaller midge larva or pupa imitations have been our preferred starting point as of late and should continue to produce consistent results. You’re going to want to fish the deep and slow water most of the day. However, during the warmest hours of the day you’ll want to lighten the load and hit the water closer to the surface with an emerger. Keep in mind, however, that flows are low and trout are skittish and selective. As such a dry dropper or hopper dropper will be an effective option given that they will make less of a disturbance on the water.

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