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Cache La Poudre River


Flows on the Poudre have been somewhat variable over the last week given sporadic rain showers and subsequent runoff from the feeder creeks. While clarity has suffered slightly, it should improve in the coming days. Despite relatively low flows, trout are spreading out and feeding at various depths and locations across the water. With this in mind, be sure to cover a lot of water and don’t get hung up in one place for too long. Hopper droppers or dry droppers have been our preferred method of fishing as of late. A PMX, Hippie Stomper, Amy’s Ant or Chubby Chernobyl to one or more smaller searchers/attractors has been our preferred set up. However, don’t hesitate to go with something more imitative like an Elk Hair Caddis or X-Wing Caddis to one or more imitations in the midge, baetis or caddis variety. When fishing hopper droppers, do so along the banks and through the slack water. Go with buoyant flies that can support one or more droppers. Tungsten droppers are a great option as they will help ensure that you get your flies down. Otherwise, don’t shy away from a little split shot. Regardless, searchers/attractors like a Flashback PT, Guide’s Choice Hare’s Ear, Rainbow Warrior, Perdigon or Psycho Prince Nymph are a few of our favorites right now. Smaller midge, baetis and caddis variations are great options as well, but we like to hone in on the hatch before we go this route. Nymphing through the deep and slow water will produce, but make sure to adjust your depth throughout the day. Otherwise, smaller streamers will be effective during the low light hours of the day.

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