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Cache La Poudre River


Flows on the Poudre have risen steadily over the last few days and are showing serious signs of runoff. At this point, clarity is on the lower end. However, it has been variable throughout the day and it is typical to see improvements starting in the late morning through the rest of the afternoon. Mild weather in the coming days will likely lead to further increases in flow and clarity impairments and while it is hard to say the extent of which productivity will be impacted, we’d encourage you to fish further upstream as the lower sections are seeing the brute of the feeder creek runoff. Regardless, heavy nymph rigs with big and flashy bugs at the lead will be a good place to start. Stoneflies, leeches, caddis larva, worms and eggs are all viable options. Otherwise, trail with one or more smaller attractors or imitations in the midge, baetis or caddis variety. Focus on the banks and slack water, where clarity is best, making sure to get your flies deep. You’ll want to really pick apart the water closest to the banks, but don’t get hung up in one spot too long. Keep moving and cover a lot of water. Streamers have been highly effective as well, especially those that are dark in color, articulated and move a lot of water. This is a great fall back option if you’re feeling intimidated by poor clarity.

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