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South Platte River: Cheesman Canyon


Cheesman Canyon is fishing well right now with healthy flows (203 cfs) and ample bug activity. UV Scuds have been the hottest pattern since flows increased and should absolutely have a spot on your nymph rig. Along with scuds, there are plenty of stoneflies, caddis larva, worms and leeches churning in the water. As far as hatch activity goes, we’re seeing sporadic midge hatches during the morning and evening, caddis between 11 am and 2 pm and BWOs during the afternoon. PMDs are starting to hatch in the lower sections of Deckers but should make their way into the canyon over the next week or two. Surface activity during hatches has been hit or miss but if you see rising trout, take full advantage. Parachute Adams, Sparkle Duns, All-Season Caddis and Elk Hair Caddis are good patterns to have on hand. If trout are sipping below the surface or feeding in shallow water along a bank, trail a pupa/emerger pattern. Other than that, nymphing will be the most productive approach. Lead with one of the larger patterns mentioned above and trail a midge pupa during the morning and evening. During the middle of the day, it’ll be a toss-up between caddis pupa and baetis emergers. Keep an eye on hatch activity and react accordingly.

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