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Clear Creek


It is only a matter of time before runoff takes its toll on Clear Creek. Flows continue to rise and while we got a small reprieve at the end of last week, they are trending higher yet again. At this point, water clarity is poor and trout are holding idle along the banks and in the slack water. Clarity has yet to reach “blown out” status, but there is definitely some color to the water and visibility is on the lower end. As it stands, you should manage to put a few in the net with a nymph rig or dry dropper. However, you’ll need to work for it. Stick to the banks where water clarity is best. Leeches, worms and stoneflies are all great options when nymphing. Otherwise, moderate sized searchers or attractors will be productive as well. Surface action has been and will continue to be slow, despite consistent hatch activity. However, a stimulator to one or more smaller dries or droppers fished along the banks and in the slack water should turn a few heads. For the time being, we will be forgoing our daily forecasts until conditions improve. If you have specific questions feel free to reach out via email at

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