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Clear Creek


Despite some variability, flows at Clear Creek have trended lower in recent weeks and are now below ideal levels. Regardless, the fishing has been and will continue to be good. Visibility is on the upper end, but has been prone to swing in the event of rain. Focus on hitting the banks with a dry dropper or hopper dropper to start. This is arguably the most fun and often productive mode of fishing here. You can’t go wrong with a buoyant stimulator pattern like an Elk Hair Caddis, Amy’s Ant or Chubby Chernobyl to one or more smaller nymphs in the searcher/attractor variety. If you go this route, really pick apart the banks and pocket water and be sure to cover a lot of ground. However, nymphing with big and messy bugs at the lead to one or more smaller attractors will garner consistent results as well. When nymphing, focus on the deep and slow water and be sure to adjust your weight and depth accordingly. Lighter rigs will produce the best results right now.

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