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Clear Creek


In the last few days, flows at Clear Creek have leveled off and are now trending down slowly. Water clarity has improved, but visibility is low across most of the water. As such, it is in your best interest to fish elsewhere. This isn't to say that you won't get into some fish, but rather it will be a challenge and there are plenty of other productive options across the front range. For the time being, we have temporarily removed our daily forecasts until flows stabilize at lower levels and fishing tactics change day to day. The further west you go, particularly in Idaho Springs, the better water clarity will be. If you're dead set on Clear Creek, hit the water closest to the bank with a nymph rig or dry dropper. Bigger bugs with a little flash will produce the best results. Don't spend much time in one place either. Pick apart the pockets and banks making sure to cover a lot of water. Trout will be looking up and will feed on both surface and subsurface flies.

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