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Clear Creek


You’re in for a productive weekend and week at Clear Creek. While flows are continually fluctuating throughout the day, they have largely held steady. The water is low and clear so do your best to sight fish. Otherwise, keep a low profile when moving about the water and focus on short/clean casts. The dry dropper will continue to be the most effective fishing style. However, nymphing and especially euro nymphing will produce as well. Mild temps and cloud cover over the next few days will work in your favor as trout will be less skittish and more willing to spread out. In the early hours, look for trout to hold along the banks and in the slack water. As the day goes on and air/water temps rise, target the middle sections of the water like the runs, riffles and outer seams. When fishing dry droppers, lead with an Amy’s Ant, Chubby Chernobyl or Elk Hair Caddis followed by one or more smaller searchers/attractors like a Flashback PT, Guide’s Choice Hare’s Ear, Perdigon, Rainbow Warrior, red/green Copper John or Frenchie. Otherwise, smaller imitations in the midge and baetis variety will do the trick.

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