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Colorado River - Middle


Flows on the Colorado River, below Pumphouse, have come down substantially over the last few days and as a result water clarity has improved. As it stands, the fishing is good and should continue to be through the next few days as mild weather is likely to prevent runoff from picking up again. Additionally, it is that time of year when the salmon fly hatch makes its way into the area and trout begin gorging themselves on beefy top surface eats. If you haven’t experienced this hatch, it is sure to leave you with some lasting memories and it is a hopper dropper fisherman's paradise. While it is hard to say exactly when the hatch will fully materialize, they are growing in numbers and peak activity is not far off. While nymphing with simple searchers/attractors is always a good bet and streamers are a fun and productive option, we’d highly encourage you to come prepared to fish some hoppers in the salmon fly variety. Chubby Chernobyls, 64 Impalas, Fluttering Stones and Juicy Stones are all great options. You’ll want to focus on the slack water and areas along the banks, but in reality you shouldn’t have much trouble locating trout as they are prone to aggressive takes.

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