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Colorado River - Middle


Flows on the Middle Colorado (Pumphouse to Catamount) have been fairly erratic over the last few days given sporadic rain, but remain at a healthy level. On Monday (10/18), flows increased by about 80 cfs, but have since held steady and are slightly below the historical average for this time of year. Water clarity worsened momentarily, but not enough to have a tremendous impact on productivity. While clarity should improve, you’ll want to consider bigger bugs with a little flash so as to get the trouts’ attention. When nymphing, Perdigons (MVP right now), Flashback PTs, Guide’s Choice Hare’s Ears and Frenchies are all top producers. Otherwise, Pat’s Rubber Legs are a good option as well given that it will move more water and get some attention in the water. As far as trailer flies go, smaller attractors/searchers like a Rainbow Warrior, red Copper John, Brassie or Demon Midge have all been effective. Otherwise, smaller imitative midge, baetis and caddis imitations should do the trick. For the most part, you’ll want to focus on the deep water when nymphing. However, don’t be afraid to lighten the load and hit the more shallow water along the banks and outer seams. Otherwise, dry droppers with an Elk Hair Caddis, Amy’s Ant or PMX followed by any of the aforementioned nymphs will produce in faster moving shallow water as well. Don’t forget those streamers, especially if you are fishing from the boat! The browns have begun to spawn and are working hard to replenish lost calories. With this in mind, please be mindful of actively spawning trout as well as the spawning beds, or redds, that they’ve built out. Redds will be most apparent in the shallow water where loose gravel is prevalent. If you see areas with shiny gravel and depressions in the riverbed keep moving and if you’re unsure it’s best to move on as well.

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