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Colorado River - Middle


The Middle Colorado is becoming increasingly more fragile with historically low flows and warm water temps. Flows are now trending up, but we're seeing sizable intraday swings in either direction. At this point, we strongly encourage you to only fish the morning shift (before noon). Productivity will be best and it will offer trout the best chance of survival. Beyond noon, the river is feeling more like a bath. Nymphing and streamers continue to produce the best results during this time, but the caddis are growing in numbers and trout are beginning to look up. When nymphing, Pat’s, Mini Leeches, Buckskins, Golden Stones or Pig Stickers will make for great lead flies. However, you might try your luck at a searcher pattern like a Guide’s Choice Hare’s Ear, Flashback PT or Copper John (red or green) as your first or second fly. Otherwise, think small and imitative midge pupa, baetis emergers or caddis pupa for your trailer, or last, flies. When it comes to streamers, it has been hit or miss, but most effective from the boat and during periods of cloud cover. If you see caddis hatching and actively rising trout don’t hesitate to rig up a single or double dry. Dry droppers have been effective as well. Resting Caddis and Elk Hair Caddis have been the top producing dries while smaller emergers in the baetis and caddis variety have been good droppers.

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