The mighty Colorado is one of our favorite rivers here at Minturn Anglers, this unbelievable watershed is packed with big views, big rapids, and big fish. from Gore Canyon all the way down to Glenwood Canyon, each stretch of river has something unique and special to offer.


Report Date:  November 21st, 2020

We have had another stretch of really nice weather. and the fishing has been Great!  Expect snow and ice to become a factor in the near future though.  Focus your efforts on the warmer parts of the day and lower sections of river as we move into winter.  Be aware that access points are closed at Catamount, Lyons Gulch, and Grizzly Creek.  Browns Throughout the Colorado have begun spawning, so please avoid Redds, obey all closures, and don’t cast to spawning fish.

The main hatches going on right now are going to be predominantly Midges and BWOs.  Dry fly opportunities are limited mostly to Midge hatches during the warmest part of the day on sunny days, and nymphing is definitely the most consistent way to pick up fish, especially as temperatures continue to drop. The most effective patterns are BWO and Midge patterns in the 18-20 range.  One or two of those behind a larger Leech, Egg, or Stonefly pattern should get the job done.  Fish are definitely moving into their deeper winter lies, so start focusing your efforts on these areas.

Streamer action has also been good, and should definitely be a part of your game plan this time of year.  Larger articulated patterns are my go-to on the Colorado, but be ready to mix it up if you aren’t getting results. Also slow down your retrieve and get your fly deep with the cold water temps.

Fall means Brown and Brook trout in our local streams are spawning.  Avoid walking on Redds and don’t fish to actively spawning fish. Stop by the shop or give us a call for more information!

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