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Colorado River - Upper


Flows on the Upper Colorado have been fairly erratic over the last few days and have generally trended down. That being said, flows jumped by a meaningful clip late Tuesday (7/20), but have since stabilized. The additional water will help to keep water temps in check, but we’re still reaching dangerous levels in the afternoons. With this in mind, we’d encourage you to fish in the early hours of the day when water temps are below 65 deg F. Surface action continues to be good with midges, PMDs and caddis making regular appearances. As such, if you see trout actively rising, rig up some dries and hit the banks and slower water. When nymphing, you’ll want to experiment with bigger and smaller bugs at the lead. In the early hours, prior to hatch activity, we’d recommend leading with a midge, baetis or caddis larva followed by one or more smaller emergers. Otherwise, try your luck at a stonefly or leech at the lead. Streamers have been effective in the early hours as well, particularly in times of cloud cover. Thurs (7/22) and Sun (7/25) morning should produce decent results.

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