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Colorado River - Upper


Flows on the Upper Colorado have come down in recent days, but are sitting at a productive level. Water clarity and visibility are good so come prepared to sight fish and for trout to be a little bit skittish. With fall nearly upon us, it is time to start rethinking our approach. While there are a few terrestrials lingering around, hopper dropper season is largely behind us. This isn’t to say you won’t see results, however, as a big stimulator often makes for a great attractor or indicator when trout are spooky and the water is lower. That being said, nymphing with big and messy bugs will produce the most consistent results, but don’t hesitate to mix in some smaller imitative offerings in the midge, baetis, caddis and stonefly variety. Hatch has been fairly consistent with midge, BWO and caddis all making regular appearances. Surface action can be hit or miss, but if you see trout actively rising, however, don’t hesitate to rig up some dry flies. Either way, a dry dropper or hopper dropper is a viable and productive option right now. Lastly, streamers have been and will continue to be an effective route. Hit the banks and slow water for the best results.

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