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Colorado River - Upper


Winter is finally here and ice has covered much of the Upper Colorado river, near Parshall. As such, we will be discontinuing our daily forecasts until the ice thaws and the fundamentals justify dynamic reporting. That being said, there remains a small stretch of water below the Williams Fork confluence that is mostly ice free and fishing well. There is a fair amount of ice along the banks. However, it is prone to clearing up, particularly on warmer days. Trout here are fairly sluggish and selective. So you’re going to need to work for it. Simple nymph rigs with smaller attractors/searchers at the lead followed by midge imitations will produce the best results. Trout are stacking up in the deep and slow water most of the day and are holding in the deepest water columns. As such, you’ll want to ensure plenty of weight and adjust your indicator appropriately. The goal here is to get your flies down as quickly as possible so as to remain in the feeding lane for longer periods of time.

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