The mighty Colorado is one of our favorite rivers here at Minturn Anglers, this unbelievable watershed is packed with big views, big rapids, and big fish. from Gore Canyon all the way down to Glenwood Canyon, each stretch of river has something unique and special to offer.


  • #14-16 Parachute Ant
  • #16-20 Griffiths Gnat
  • #14-18 Black Foam Caddis
  • #16 Dirty BWO Jig
  • #8-10 Brown/Olive Chubby Chernobyl
  • #2 Natural Dungeon

Report Date:  September 20th , 2020

The Upper Colorado is a stretch of river that starts around Pumphouse and meanders West through Radium, Rancho Del Rio and State Bridge. Beautiful scenery awaits along with ample opportunities to hook into some amazing rainbow and brown trout. Flows have remained fairly stable this week, with a slight increase in flows from the winter storm that moved through.  Water temperatures have been good for the fish and the fishing has been great!  Access points along Colorado River Road are open again, and the smoke from the fires has been much better.

Caddis and Tricos are still the main hatches going on right now, but the cooler weather this week is causing midges and BWOs to become more prevalent as well.  The Hopper and Terrestrial fishing continues to be outstanding as well, and a hopper with two small Midges/Baetis/Tricos trailed behind it is a great rig right now.  The fish will be feeding on Caddis and Terrestrials in the faster water on warmer days, and will be more focused on midges and BWOs in slower water on cool/cloudy days.  Its still best to get out early in the morning to hit the best feeding window and beat the recreational boater crowds, which have been pretty heavy this year, but as the weather cools, early starts will become less important.  The weather has also caused the streamer fishing to improve substantially, and it should continue to get better as we move into fall.  It’s good to have a few different setups available, as nymphing, dry flies/dry-droppers, and streamers can all be effective this time of year.

The water temps can be highly variable on the Colorado this time of year due to the combination of effects from dam releases and weather, so still make sure to carry a thermometer, check the water temps regularly, and minimize your fish handling to ensure the safety of the fish.  Give us a call or stop by the shop for more info!

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