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Colorado River - Upper


After increasing at the end of last week, flows on the Upper Colorado, near Parshall, have leveled off but remain at productive levels. A cold front is expected to move in on Thurs (10/14) bringing a strong chance of snow. That said, it will move out quickly and air temps will begin to moderate starting as early as Fri (10/15). Regardless, productivity has been great as of late and the trout are not terribly selective. Nymph rigs will continue to produce the most consistent results. However, smaller streamers are highly effective as well, especially in times of cloud cover and mild temps. When nymphing, you’ll want to lead with bigger attractor patterns on Thurs and Sun through Mon as air pressure will hold on the lower end and trout will be more enticed by bigger offerings. Otherwise, small attractors like a Brassie, Frenchie, red Copper John, Perdigon or Rainbow Warrior will produce from the lead. Trail any of the aforementioned patterns with one or more smaller imitative midge or baetis like a Zebra Midge, Black Beauty, Top Secret, RS2, Darth Baetis or Juju Baetis. Hatch activity has been good as well with midge and BWOs making regular appearances throughout the day.

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