The mighty Colorado is one of our favorite rivers here at Minturn Anglers, this unbelievable watershed is packed with big views, big rapids, and big fish. from Gore Canyon all the way down to Glenwood Canyon, each stretch of river has something unique and special to offer.


Report Date:  February 25th, 2021

Temps have been pretty mild on the lower river, and the fishing has been good.  There is still definitely some ice floating in the river, especially on mornings after a cold night.  Much of the upper river is still locked up, with many sections frozen over between Pumphouse and Glenwood, so focusing your efforts on the lower sections of river from Glenwood down is the way to go.  Overall success will be best on warmer days and during the warmest part of the day. Definitely make sure to check weather/ice conditions before heading out, as there is often a lot of floating ice coming out of the Roaring Fork this time of year.   Also be aware that Grizzly Creek Access is still closed and South Canyon is now closed for the season.  Browns are finished spawning, but please continue to avoid Redds.

The main hatches going on right now are going to be predominantly Midges.  Dry fly opportunities are limited mostly to Midge hatches during the warmest part of the day, but nymphing is definitely going to be the most consistent way to pick up fish. The most effective patterns are BWO and Midge patterns in the 18-20 range.  One or two of those behind a larger Leech, Egg, or Stonefly pattern should get the job done.  Getting your weight and depth right is very important this time of year, so keep adjusting until you dial it in.  Fish are definitely concentrating in deeper holes, so if you find one, its a good idea to work the same spot for a bit.

Streamer action has been hit or miss, but can definitely produce some big fish time of year.  Larger articulated patterns are my go-to on the Colorado, but be ready to mix it up if you aren’t getting results. Also slow down your retrieve and get your fly deep with the cold water temps.

Please be ethical out there and minimize your fish handling and avoid walking on Redds. Stop by the shop or give us a call for more information!

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