If you’re a weekend warrior, bless your heart. The Colorado has been packed full of fisherman and float tubers. Best time to fish the Upper C are weekdays as you can avoid the crowds a little bit. With that being said, the fish have responded well to the large crowds and have been feeding on smaller mayflies and midges.

A few sporadic PMD hatches have been seen coming off mid day and the fish have taken note. Your size 18 PMDs have been producing fish along with the smaller BWO and midge patterns. Tiny and shiny is a good rule of thumb. Biot PMDs, and Redemption BWOs have been producing good fish. Not a bad time to be wading or floating the Colorado.


  • Sculpzilla 6, 8, 10
  • Flash bugger 6, 8, 10
  • Z – wing caddis 16, 18, 20
  • SH Pheasant Tail #16-20
  • Buttcrack Baetis 18, 20
  • Mayehm Midge 18, 20, 22

Report Date: NOV. 14th, 2018


No use in heading to the Upper C. If you’re down to drive., Glenwood and west are your ticket. Streamers from the bank are still producing fish as well as egg rigs under an indicator trailed by small midges. Make sure you have your Trout Hunter Fluorocarbon tippet because there have been some real dandys caught down here recently. 5.5X is the ticket for your nymph rig!


The Colorado River has been fishing great. The streamer bite has been awesome with the rainy weather we have had. Nymphing is a great way to catch fish here, but for a great time throw streamers. We have seen a lot of free living caddis in the water and at this time of year it is a great idea to swing caddis and nymph the big runs.


The Colorado is fishing great as we currently have decent water temperatures and plenty of hatches. Both hopper dropper and 3 – bug inline nyphimg has been very effective. Watch for those trico hatches as they have been coming off a lot on the Colorado early to mid morning. A great dry fly rig would be a big elk hair caddis up front and a small trico spinner fly behind it. Good luck everyone.


Salmon fly’s have still been hanging on, hatching in the canyon sections and the fish have been looking up to eat the big dry fly’s in low water this year. The water just recently came up on the Colorado adding flow and stain to the river. Since the flow leveled back out the fishing has improved. Dry dropper technique can be very effective when the fish are looking up. try streamer or indicator fishing if the action on top is slow. For nymphs use an indicator and adequate weight to get down to the fishes level. basic attractor patterns like pats rubber legs, hares ears, BWO imitations, soft hackles and pheasant tails are all effective.


The Colorado has been a sleeper fishery. Those in the know have been having some fun and keeping it hush. Double streamer rigs through the canyon and below the canyon flats are a must. Stick to fishing the Pumphouse stretch with eggs, worms and small BWO’s. Don’t forget that dry fly stick for below the hot tub above Radium. It’s not just dinkers eating on the surface. The spawn has started so please please please STAY OFF THE REDDS and watch where you walk!

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