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Colorado River - Upper


The Upper Colorado is largely out of commission given ice accumulation. As a result, our daily forecasts will be unavailable until conditions improve in the spring. If you are dead set on fishing here, the water at and below the Williams Fork confluence has a few open runs and has produced decent results, particularly on warmer days. Expect trout to be sluggish most of the day, but more so in the early hours. Give the water time to warm up before hitting the water and be patient as it is going to be difficult fishing. A heavy nymph rig fished through the soft water like the deep and slow runs, pools and pockets will produce the most consistent results. Midges are the primary food source, so start with a small and simple set up that is imitative in nature. Larval patterns will be the most effective for much of the day and especially in the early hours while a larva to a pupa will be a good option in the afternoons when temps rise above 32 deg F. Otherwise, a searcher/attractor at the lead like a Perdimidge, Flashback PT, red Copper John or Hare’s Ear will be effective as well. Cycle through flies and adjust your depth before moving on. You’re going to need to hit them on the nose in order to see results. If you’re comfortable with sight fishing that will always work in your favor. Otherwise, survey the pronounced pools and slow runs making sure to cover all of the nooks and crannies before moving on.

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