If you’re a weekend warrior, bless your heart. The Colorado has been packed full of fisherman and float tubers. Best time to fish the Upper C are weekdays as you can avoid the crowds a little bit. With that being said, the fish have responded well to the large crowds and have been feeding on smaller mayflies and midges.

A few sporadic PMD hatches have been seen coming off mid day and the fish have taken note. Your size 18 PMDs have been producing fish along with the smaller BWO and midge patterns. Tiny and shiny is a good rule of thumb. Biot PMDs, and Redemption BWOs have been producing good fish. Not a bad time to be wading or floating the Colorado.


  • Galloup’s Dungeon Black
  • #18-22 Baetis Lite Olive
  • #16-18 Tungsten Quill Body Baetis Dark
  • #20 Sprout BWO
  • #16 Egg Roe Orange
  • #16-18 Two Bit Hooker Olive

Report Date:  Oct 21st, 2019

The Colorado is still on fire, especially lower river! Keep in mind, fish are spawning so please give them a break. Right now with the water fishing as good as it is, once again we are seeing alot of people. For the wade fisherman, the levels are dropping so much of the river has easy access allowing you to get to those fish you haven’t been able to all year. Unfortunately this creates a little turmoil for the float fishermen who like to nymph as well. Just a reminder wade fisherman have the right of way on the river. With fish staged up to spawn… you guessed it, the Egg; I can’t tell you what size and color but stop by the shop and we will let you in on a little secret. I’m still seeing huge hatches of bwo’s on the lower sections all the way down to silt. So not a bad idea to throw some dries on warmer days in the afternoon. Please watch out for spawning redds and don’t fish to actively spawning fish.  Feel free to stop by the shop or give us a call for more detailed information.   

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