If you’re a weekend warrior, bless your heart. The Colorado has been packed full of fisherman and float tubers. Best time to fish the Upper C are weekdays as you can avoid the crowds a little bit. With that being said, the fish have responded well to the large crowds and have been feeding on smaller mayflies and midges.

A few sporadic PMD hatches have been seen coming off mid day and the fish have taken note. Your size 18 PMDs have been producing fish along with the smaller BWO and midge patterns. Tiny and shiny is a good rule of thumb. Biot PMDs, and Redemption BWOs have been producing good fish. Not a bad time to be wading or floating the Colorado.


  • #12-16 Elk Hair Caddis
  • #12-18 Psycho Prince
  • #12-14 Squirmy Worm - Purple, Pink or Red
  • #6 Olive, Black or Brown Streamers - your choice!
  • #8-12 Pat's Rubber Leg's
  • #12-16 Woven Golden Stone

Report Date:  Aug 12th, 2019


The pressure of the Colorado hasn’t let up at all, so be prepared to see crowds of commercial trips and people rafting themselves. Wading the Mighty Colorado is always a great option due to the fact that people normally float/raft the Colorado vs finding wading options. The “squirmy” bite has slowed down and with clarity starting to increase, we are seeing fish eating bugs more frequently. Soft Hackle Pheasant Tails have been most productive fly for us. Fish are still stacked in deeper back eddy’s and pools but fish have been seen to be sipping on the surface film! The fishing season is just starting to turn on  the Colorado, an amazing fall is right around the corner! If you would like to float the Colorado but don’t have a boat or experience rowing, give us a call and we can get you out there!

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