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Colorado River - Upper


Flows on the Upper Colorado, near Parshall, continue to fluctuate, but have trended downward over the last few days. At the moment, clarity is good, but there is some color to the water. Expect further improvements if flows continue to come down. However, if we get another bump, clarity will worsen until flows correct again. At this flow, trout are favoring the banks and slack water most of the day, but have been prone to slide in and out of the faster riffles and seams as well as the deeper runs and pools to capitalize on emerging bugs during the hatch. As far as tactics go, nymphing, hopper droppers and streamers will produce the best results. However, trout are increasingly looking to the surface to feed so be prepared to fish a single or double dry fly. When nymphing, you’ll want to adjust your depth accordingly so as to reach the deepest columns. Otherwise, favor the banks and slow water with a streamer or hopper dropper. Hatch activity has been consistent with a variety of bugs surfacing throughout the day. Caddis and PMDs will begin to emerge and ultimately hatch in the late morning and afternoon, while green drakes will be most prominent after 1 pm, especially during periods of cloud cover. Otherwise, midges will hatch sporadically throughout the day. Regardless, productivity should be fairly consistent. However, expect improvements as air/water temps rise throughout the day.

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