The mighty Colorado is one of our favorite rivers here at Minturn Anglers, this unbelievable watershed is packed with big views, big rapids, and big fish. from Gore Canyon all the way down to Glenwood Canyon, each stretch of river has something unique and special to offer.


  • #18-22 Cluster MIdge
  • #18-22 Baetis Lite Olive
  • #16-18 Hairs Ear Natural
  • #20 zebra midge Black & Red
  • #16 Egg Roe Chartreuse
  • #16-18 Soft hackle Pheasant Tail

Report Date:  March 22nd , 2020

I Decided to take a little field trip up to the pumphouse boat ramp the other day, and folks I must say we are almost to floating season on the upper Colorado. There is still consistent shelf ice on the banks but definitely enough water to get some solid wade fishing in right now. If you decide to drive down pumphouse road, not a bad idea to a 4×4 vehicle; its getting pretty muddy in there.

There is plenty of access along trough road as you drive up towards Kremmling. The river around Rancho Del Rio is still frozen but I would not  expect that to last to much longer. If your are itching to get on the oars, you will have to stick to the lower sections, Cottonwood down to Dotsero or make the quick drive down to Glenwood and play around down there.

Ok, Enough about geography; these fish have been isolated for the past five months or so, the time in now for some big , dumb, hungry Trout. Small dry dropper rigs have been stirring up alot of fish lately, right along the bank. I will say the most productive tactic has been small nymphs with a fair amount of weight, favoring the middle column. Small Blue Wing Olive patterns are a money maker when you pick the right one, this can be a challenge since these fish see so many different patterns through out the year. Make sure your patterns have something to make them stand out. And our favorite….chucking MEAT, the rainbows have been pretty feisty lately when it comes to steamers, slow down your retrieval rate if you can, strip, strip, long pause, twitch…Kaboom.


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